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A look at the Uranus square Pluto Relationship

Happy New Year everyone! Have you been seeing a lot of buzz around social media, forums, and the news about auspicious events for 2015? I know I have, and a few of my friends seem to be puzzled on what some of these events actually mean to them. 

pluto square uranus

rut roh

One such event is the final Uranus square Pluto influence on March 16, 2015. Rut, roh! I can see you’re eyes rolling in the back of your head—another technical tongue tying piece that dares the reader to repeat Uranus square Pluto twenty times. However, don’t worry, I am not going to throw in a lot of astrological terminology, and we’ll wrap up with a Belline Oracle reading. 

Io Transits

The Uranus square Pluto influence has been going on for some time. As you can see, the influence starts in June 2012 and wraps up in March 2015. The influence will continue on for a few weeks beyond the exact square of March 16, 2015. The reason for this prolonged influence is due to the fact that these planets travel slowly and the planets have gone in and out of retrograde motion during the past few years. The red Rx denotes the retrograde activity in the picture to the left. 

Uranus and Pluto are outer planets and because of their slow movement we tend to call these our Generational Planets. In other words, the influence will impact a generation as a whole. So when I make a prediction in this blog, it will be very generalized because it’s going to impact all of us as a society. The outer planets can play a role in your individual life, but that would depend on how the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are activated in your individual natal chart. Feel free to contact me for a consultation. 

Let’s start by breaking down Uranus square Pluto in their individual parts. 

Uranus. Growth occurs through an introspection of our ideals, beliefs, morals, and boundaries. Often times, we find that we need to make an adjustment to these concepts in order to move forward in our individual life and as a community to progress toward change. Uranus helps us break down the walls to accept change and transform our ideals, beliefs, morals, and boundaries into something new and progressive that act as a catalyst to our growth as an individual. When Uranus is activated in our life we can respond in two ways: (1) if we’re attached or stuck in our ways we may be frightened of the changes coming and rebel against progress, on the other hand (2) if we are ready to burst out of our bubble of comfort that has started to feel restricting we can experience liberating freedom that propels us forward in our walk in life. 

Change Agent Star

Pluto. Evolution is inevitable; no one person, nation, or species can stay stuck in its current path in life. We’re all moving forward in time, evolving, developing, growing, and learning lessons as we walk this journey together. The energy of Pluto serves as a change agent—that is it’s an energy that helps us transform to become a better and more effective person, organization, or society. Sometimes we fear this transformation, and Pluto’s energy serves as that support mechanism (although we don’t often see him as such a good friend) who ushers you into next level of growth, whether you think you’re ready or not. Pluto knows you’re ready, and he is going to usher you there. Imagine the High School Freshman—middle school was hell on earth for a lot of us! We spend a few years working our way to the top of the food chain. Now you’re asking us to enter a new school, with a new cohort of individuals, unfamiliar territory. You don’t think you’re ready and you shove a thermometer under the desk lamp and tell your mom you’re sick. Unfortunately, she knows it’s impossible for you to be speaking with a 170 degree temperature so she drags you out of bed, dresses you, and drops you off a school personally—at least you got to avoid the pleasure of a new bus ride on the first day of school! 

Square. We have a relationship that has the same goal and purpose, however they are a difference of opinions on how to get there. Aries and Capricorn are both initiators of action. However, Aries being Fire wants to cut to the chase and charge in and scorch the old norms without really thinking first. Meanwhile, Capricorn being Earth we’re going to see a need to slowly develop a plan of action that is practical, precise, and realizable. Initially this can create friction and conflict between the two energies. They’re going to have to truly learn how to work together to achieve their goal of breaking down barriers (Uranus) and ushering in a plan or action that will replace the old structure (Pluto).  

Now let’s take this a step further and evaluate what context that the Uranus squares Pluto relationship will play out in March. We see that Uranus transits the seventh (7th) house with Aries as the house ruler. Meanwhile, Pluto transits the fourth (4th) house with Capricorn as the house ruler. Now let’s break down how these two houses, and how these planets will express their energy in these houses. 

Gothic Crystal

Seventh House. We often see our open enemies and how we react to them in this house. We can see peace accords being formed with such enemies. This is also the house of our other half—our partner. When looking generationally, one could argue that our other half would be the other political party, the other end of the spectrum. Both parts—liberal views and conservative views create a balance and equilibrium that you would see in your personal relationship. We often seek partners that balance us out and bring another perspective to the table to help fulfill us. The same applies to society. 

Fourth House. Our connection to community and society is an emphasis of the fourth house. It often relates to hour home, heritage, and roots, how we related to the past and where do we move forward. Where do we fit in with our community while protecting our emotional security and attachment?

Putting it all together—the prediction from an American perspective. Given everything we have discussed: (1) What the planetary energies represent, (2) we briefly discussed the signs the planets are in and how they’ll play out in this square type relationship, and (3) the context in which these energies will play out by discussing the houses in which the planets transit thus creating the square.  Now we can make some predictive or illustrative statements on what may occur. The square relationship will be exact on March 16, 2015, however the influence will build up in the preceding weeks and even months as the relationship approaches. Likewise, this influence will continue after March as the relationship separates. 

Uranus-Aries-Seventh House. Astrological Statement: I suspect we’ll see intense (Aries) polarizing groups of people with a difference of opinion that will need to make an agreement or accord to move forward. (Seventh House) These groups of people realize that times are changing, and the boundaries or walls that we have built no longer apply or are effective (Uranus) in society today.

Illustrative Statement: We’re going to see political parties, organizations, and American Society in general recognize that long established norms are no longer working for the pace or attitude of society that we’re in and must be changed. This change will require something major such as a constitutional amendment or a Supreme Court decision. We have seen Gay Rights make tremendous strides in the last three years during the Uranus square Pluto relationship. We have seen a polarization between the conservatives and liberals in the country. This polarization between the marriage of these two political parties will need someone to push them over the ledge and make that final leap into evolutionary development for the country—ENTER PLUTO STAGE FOURTH HOUSE. 

Change Ahead

Pluto-Capricorn-Fourth House. Astrological Statement: We’re going to see slow developments that take their time to establish a plan of action that will succeed and create a long lasting legacy (Capricorn). These developments are going to create transformative change that will alter old norms into new norms (Pluto). These norms will most likely be related to domestic related issues that deal with our emotional security and how well we fit in with society (Fourth House).

Ilustrative Statement: Gay Marriage can seem threatening to many conservative egos. They feel it threatens their own marriage, morals and values. However, in a democratic society where people are allowed to express themselves freely and within the privacy of their own homes should be allowed the dignity of exercising the legal rights that their counterparts have. I suspect to some degree, conservatives know on a fundamental level that allowing gays to marry will not impact their individual life, behavior, or transactions. If anything the fear is probably more related to the amount of work and money it will take to transform the system (e.g., reprinting documents, dispensing more social security, Medicare, tax benefits). They just need a good push, and I suspect the Supreme Court will play the role of Pluto and introduce the needed change. 

We have already seen these statements unfold over the past three years. The gay rights movement has made major strides, and I propose it’s because of these astrological influences. The Supreme Court announced that it would hear arguments on gay marriage in April and make a decision in June. This is outside of the “exact” square, but remember the influence will continue as it separates. The events leading up to the Supreme Court decision to hear the cases happened under this influence. 

Given the context of these two houses, there are many other societal shifts that could happen under this influence (e.g., Race Relations—Ferguson, MO or the Vatican Changes brought about by the Pope). What are some of your thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments. I’d love to hear from some of our international friends as well, and get your perspective. 


Finally, let’s do a Belline Spread asking the question: What can we expect to see as Uranus enters its final square to Pluto on March 16, 2015? 

Erna Droesbeke introduced the astrological square technique that is read within the context of the Grand Tableau with the Lenormand Oracle. I will modify this technique for the Belline Oracle and place the cards in an Astrological Square, looking at the subject of the spread and then taking a look at the houses that are activated by Uranus and Pluto. I won’t explain this spread or the cards in this blog. However, if there is interest, I will consider analyzing the spread in another posting. 

Interestingly this, cards complimented my discussions about the upcoming Supreme Court influence. Imagine that, the energy of these thoughts flowed through to the draw. 

During the influence of the final Uranus square Pluto we will see impassioned discussions take place between polarized parties (i.e., individuals or groups of people). These discussions will require the mediation of a group of people that is impartial, wise, and well balanced. This require the coming together of all parties involved to a place of neutrality and peace where the issue can be discussed at large. You may see people rushing to action, it’s important for them to remain calm and keep their feet grounded. In the end, we’ll see a decision that is well thought out, wise, and rooted in logic. 

Europeans are from Near-Far and Russians are from Reversals

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

Europeans are from Near-Far and Russians are from Reversals

Dispelling the Myth of Reversals and their Place in the Lenormand

Each and every person builds their vocabulary based primarily on their life experiences. These experiences include formal instruction, group membership, and personal observation. Through these experiences we build our vocabulary and repertoire.  These experiences produce a diversified set of individuals and its what makes us unique and skilled in our life or own cartomantic practice. 

Empty-toolbox cards

The Lenormand Oracle isn’t a new tool in the box of cartomancers. As many of you know the Lenormand Oracle has been around since the late eighteenth century. The Oracle is widely used among cartomancers in their practice all throughout Europe and Russia. It wasn’t until the last ten years that the Oracle gained popularity and use in the United States. 

Unfortunately, the lack of a diversity of written work on the Oracle in the English language exists and has lead many to believe that this deck of cards is very rigid in its use. I cringe each and every time I hear someone dismiss the idea of using reversals in the Lenormand, when someone makes an inquiry or suggests an interpretation that utilizes them. I am not sure if it’s ignorance on their behalf—perhaps because of the lack of English speaking literature on the subject they just have no idea that reversals exist and have been used among Lenormand practitioners long before Lenormand became a parlorhold name in English speaking countries. On the other hand, it might be arrogance—my way or the highway type of mentality. It’s probably a mixture of both. 


When we read cards, each and every one of us uses tools and techniques that resonate with us. Using these tools and techniques help builds our vocabulary and enables us to pull out the nuances and details that a client will need in order to place a situation into perspective or make an effective decision. Without using these tools and techniques to delineate the spread, we will resort to generalizations that the client won’t be able to relate to their life and make any proactive changes or choices in their life going forward. 

Before I get off my soapbox and onto an illustrative example on how to use reversals. I want to ask those of you who use the “traditional” Near-Far Method of interpreting a Grand Tableau. How is this any different than using Reversals that so many Russian Lenormand practitioners use? The fundamental basis of the Near-Far Method and Reversals is the same in that they both recognize the dual relationship to the meaning of the card, and life in general. This duality is key and is what brings the foundational meaning of the card to a detailed nuance forecast meaning of the card.

The entire purpose of using the Near-Far Method is to bring out nuances to the cards such as:

Degree or magnitude to the event

Small Loss vs. Large Loss

Connotation of the card

Positive and cheerful aspects of the card

Negative or mindful aspects of the card

Timing of the event

Soon vs. Down the Road

Diversifying the Toolbox

The Near-Far method works well in a Grand Tableau spread. However, we all know that there is other spreads Lenormand practitioners utilize based on the needs of the client, question, and time constraint. How do you bring out these unique nuances in a 3x3 spread or even a 5-card spread?  There are a variety of techniques out there and one of them is the usage of Reversals, which is highly favored by Russian Lenormand cartomancers. 

We’ll find that the meanings of reversals used by Russians have a similar purpose to the meanings we find in the Near-Far Method. They describe the magnitude of the situation, the connotation of the card, and the timing of events. 

I personally do not use Reversals in my practice. I utilize astrological associations and the No Layout technique taught by Sylvie Steinbach as well as her Lenormand card meanings to pull out the nuances I need to interpret a spread. Which technique(s) do you use in your practice? Feel free to respond on the poll. 

Finally, and I promise my last soapbox conversation, and we’ll get onto a Reversal example. If you are truly interested in learning the art of the Lenormand or any form of Cartomancy, you should be open, accepting, and tolerant of other forms of interpretation. The same tool isn’t going to work for everyone. You don’t have to subscribe to their tool, but you should be respectful and not so dismissive of the validity or usage of such technique. Plus if you’re so close-minded, I am not sure how you’re going to help anyone—whether you read for yourself or the public. 


Okay! Someone extend their hand so I don’t slip as I climb off this soapbox, and let’s have some fun! 

Springtime is coming up; do you all know what that means? REAL-ESTATE! Oh yes, soon you will see that “For Sale” sign pop up all over the neighborhood. Clients certainly are coming in for questions related to the sale of their home, or purchase of a new home. 

Background & Question: We have a woman who is looking to move out of town. She has already found the perfect home, but needs to sell her current home before she can close the deal. She wants to know if she’ll be able to sell her home and if it’ll sell relatively fast. 

Methodology: Using the Russian meanings presented by Kuznetsova-Fetisova in the Cherry-Lilac deck presented by Berenika we will lay the cards face down, and draw for the House to represent our client’s home. We’ll then look at the surrounding cards to the left and right of the House, taking into consideration their position. 

We cast the cards and draw – 

Zaichenko Reversals

Russian Astrological Lenormand by Zaichenko

Clover (Reversed) – Ring – House – Tower (Reversed) – Letter 

The clover in a reversed position can signify chances and opportunities that will require patience and work. In other words, you’re going to get lucky, but it’s not going to happen immediately or any time soon. 

The ring in an upright position means an agreement based on mutual cooperation that is fair and of equal value. 

The house we’re using as a real estate card, we charged this to be the home that is for sale. 

With the tower in a reversed position we can see delays in legal situations, or an attempt avoid or derail official decisions, meetings, or agreements. 

Similar to using the Near-Far Method there are some cards that don’t have a dual nature to them. You simply have to look at the surrounding cards to determine the context of the card. The letter is one such card, it can signify, a report, document, or correspondence, how to place this in context depends on the surrounding cards. 

Now that we know a little more about the meaning of the cards in their upright and reversed position, let’s put these meanings together into an interpretation that we can address with the native. 

You will receive an offer on the house that will result in a formal agreement. However, this offer will not come immediately to you. It will take time for you to find the right buyer. You’ll need to be patient and not rush things. While you wait for the right buyer, I want you to take an inventory of all the documents you need to present to the buyer, their realtor, bankers, and attorneys. Make sure these documents are in order on your end. Early preparation of such documents will help the closing process go smoothly and painlessly. It looks like when this offer is made there will be delays with legal documents. By making sure all your ducks are in a row, you’ll be able to avoid such delay. 

At that point, I would do another spread to see what type of legal delay would pop up, so they can further plan. Perhaps the buyer can’t obtain the financing maybe they are VA approved but your home isn’t VA or FHA eligible, so you require a conventional buyer. Maybe the home inspection will reveal radon issues or plumbing issues that need to be addressed and thus delay the situation. Casting the cards again now knowing there will be delays will help you pinpoint the issue.  

However we’re not doing a consultation, we’re learning reversals! So let’s flip the cards and see what different type of nuances we find. 

Gothic Lenormand

Gothic Lenormand by Berenika

Clover – Ring (Reversed) – House – Tower – Letter (Reversed)

Your chances are good with the clover. With an upright position, the clover may indicate that you’re luck will come from an unusual set of circumstances, or unexpectedly. 

When the ring is in a reversed position, we continue to see an agreement, however this agreement is going to be rather expensive and have mutual obligations to both parties. This might also be a much stronger agreement than when it was upright.

Again, the house is being used as a real estate card; we charged this to be the home that is for sale. 

The tower in an upright position indicates stability and pragmatism.  

Finally, we have the letter in a reversed position, which isn’t going to give us too much nuance; we’d need to look at the surrounding cards because it is a neutral card. We know that a document will be received, and upright it’s most likely positive news but let’s look at the surrounding cards. 

Now we can piece an interpretation together and advice the client: You will receive an offer on your home. It looks like this offer will come unexpectedly and perhaps due to a set of unusual circumstances. For example, I recently sold a home sight unseen—it was a servicewoman returning from Cuba. She viewed the home through FaceTime with her realtor! This is an example of an unusual circumstance that you might encounter. Whatever the circumstances are, it will result in an agreement being made. You will want to take extra consideration in the pricing of your home. Luck may be on your side, however this offer will be realistic and pragmatic. To ensure there aren’t a ton of contingencies that increase the cost of selling your home you’re going to want to either take care of any known issues or establish a safe, stable, and fair sale price. Taking this advice into consideration, you’ll find yourself receiving a legal document that will allow you to sale your home and move into that new fabulous place you found.  

Two totally different interpretations? Yes she will sell the home. However if someone is paying you $35, something tells me that isn’t going to settle his or her curiosity. They’re going to want to know how it’ll come about. By using a reversed technique we saw two different ways that this will come about. The first spread said it’d take awhile, and there would be delays after an offer was made. The second spread indicated that it’d happen in a nontraditional manner but it’d be smooth sailing through the legal process as long as she played her cards right and priced the home A-Okay.

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of English speaking resources on using reversals in the Lenormand. Meanwhile I am no expert in this particular tool, I do briefly touch on the duality of the cards (Near-Far and Reversals) in my Comparative Card Studies group on the Ning forum. You can also find information on reversals on Madame Seaqueen’s blog

Again don’t be afraid to explore new techniques and tools. You might find yourself using them, or you may find yourself validating your own technique or tool. You don’t have to be a jack of all trades, but you should be accepting and recognize that there is enough room in the sandbox for others to play in and bring their own shovels and buckets. ;-)

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