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Belline Case Study - Job Prospects

I hope that everyone is staying warm this winter. It has been an extremely cold winter in the Buffalo/Rochester NY area. My first one, I wasn’t sure what to expected so it’s quite the adventure. As I am sipping on hot tea and catching up on the Westminster Dog Show I recorded this week and enjoying the wintery snow outside the windows, I thought I’d write a technical demonstration with the Belline Oracle. 

I have talked about the Belline Oracle in past Astrological blog posts. This Oracle relies on a basic knowledge of Astrology to maximize interpretative value from the cards. I typically use this Oracle for current events, however I believe that it has some great value for consultant readings as well. In this case study, I will briefly discuss the meaning of the cards in how they relate to the question. In other words, I won’t give an exhaustive description of the symbolism. That would make this blog way too long. Unfortunately there aren’t too many resources on the Oracle at this time that I can refer you to or plug. Most of my knowledge comes from grueling Google translations of several Belline books and my training in Astrological symbolism. I will also gloss over a technique that is unique to my practice with the Oracle. All righty, let’s get started! 

Question. Client has recently lost his job. He would like to know if he’d find a job any time soon. 

Spread. Cartomancers will often invoke Astrological Symbolisms into their work. Many will cast a Horoscope Spread by either creating the Zodiac Wheel or simply casting six cards across and six cards above. I use this technique when I write my monthly horoscopes.  Prior to the circular horoscope was a square horoscope. I employ this format when I lay my Belline cards. I don’t believe this specific layout is unique, as I have seen it used within the Grand Tableau by Erna Droesbeke. However the techniques that I employ are unique.  

Begin by shuffling the cards focusing on the question. I spread the deck and begin laying the cards as such. 


Four cards in the middle represent the current situation or influences. 

Begin laying a card in each house—forming a triangular square horoscope. 

Technique & Analysis. 

Overall Energy. Before you begin breaking down the spread. Look at the planetary influences that dominate the spread. Here we have the following:

Planet Energy

There is a dominance shared between Mars and Saturn. It’s important to note that Mars also dominates the activated houses (more to follow). What does the overall dominance tell us? 

Mars: Our client is struggling right now and must regroup and draw up a battle plan. He is likely very determined right now and full of fire. He is most likely in a position to do something about his situation and take control back. 

Saturn: The client is most likely going through a major period of transition. Saturn returns to its natal position every 29.456 years. These are typically major transition periods for individuals. An emphasis in Saturn typically indicates that the client may be going through a period of transition that may include hardship and require them to regroup and rebuild the structures in their life. 

We have two very difficult planetary energies. However if you were to have two difficult planetary dominances—these two would be it. Meanwhile with Saturn you’re going through hardship or a period of transition—its nice to have a dominance of Mars, which will give you the drive and determination to get through this period of transition. 

Interpretation: You’re going through a period of transition right now. Loosing your job is a major and very transformative event for you right now. This isn’t a simple transition or job hop. You’re going to have to take time to yourself to regroup and focus on what you want out of life. You’re likely going to have stiff competition and will have to work extremely hard to achieve a successful employment offer. 

Feedback: The client shared that the job he lost was one he held for eleven (11) years. They don’t know much of anything else, outside what they’ve been doing for the last eleven (11) years.

Current Situation or Influences. Next we begin with the middle of the horoscope. These four cards are going to tell us about what’s going on, what are the clients motivations and the general overall feel. I start with the Top Left Card read with the Bottom Right Card. Then I inverse and read the Top Right Card with the Bottom Left Card.

(35) Enemies. This card can indicate a warning that others might be saying negative things about the client. This card can also indicate that they have been wronged by others and may also allude to activities or projects being derailed. 


(34) Despotism. A feeling of defeat surrounds this card. The client is likely to feel as if others had taken advantage of them. Perhaps, they feel as if their fate is in the hands of others. As a result they may be experiencing feelings of depression, fear or anxiety. 

Interpretation: You’ve most likely been taken advantage of by others—perhaps this job loss came out of the blue. You’re feeling desperation right now about loosing your job. There is a certain sense of uncertainty if you’ll find a job and be able to find financial security.  

Feedback: The client’s response was rather excitable and confirmed that they had no idea or inkling that they’d be loosing their job. In fact, when they were on a short leave of absence due to being sick. When he returned to work, the very first day he was let go due to budgetary reasons. Eleven years of dedicated service and to be let go without warning, he was very disappointed and felt as if he was being taken advantage of. 

(7) Honors. This is a rather positive card. It indicates that the client will be recognized for their efforts. It can also predict success in activities or projects.


(41) Heritage. With this card we are reminded that there are lessons to be learned and that life always moves forward. To grow we need to push forward with a wise and sensible plan.

Interpretation: Meanwhile, you didn’t see the job loss coming you were appreciated for your efforts at work. People regarded you as a valuable asset and will miss you. Take the lessons that you learned at your previous job and take the lessons you’re learning now being unemployed and transform these into positive actions that will help you achieve success in finding another job. Now is the time to regroup and polish up your resume. If you can perfect your resume and make it stand out, you’ll be recognized. 

Feedback: The client responded that they didn’t feel appreciated and felt shafted. This was a recent loss, I am sure if the client reflects on the reading in a few weeks or months they might feel a sense of appreciation from their former coworkers. Only time will tell. 

Activated Houses. There are several techniques you can use depending on your experience in Astrology and the setting that you’re in (e.g., office, bookstore, psychic fair, electronic). If you know the persons Ascendant you can merge sign energies with the house, card, and planet ruling the card. If you can’t calculate the Ascendant, you can use the Sun sign. If you can calculate the entire chart then you can get really analytical and begin to get really detailed. I could probably write a book on the various techniques that could be employed. For the purposes of this blog we’re just going to look at houses and the cards and ignore sign energy. 

If you’re doing a general reading, you can read each house. However, if the client has a specific question and pressed for time then you can read what I call activated houses. This is a question about whether and when they’ll find a new job. So we’re going to look at the houses that involve work which would be the second (2nd), sixth (6th), and tenth (10th).


2nd House. Finances, Possessions, and Personal Resources.

(47) Infertility. This card indicates a sense of stagnation and slowing down. This is amplified in the second house, as the second house energy is based on Taurus (Fixed-Earth). The client might feel as if they’ve hit a wall or they’re going in circles. This can also indicate a delay in cash flow, or resources dwindling. 

6th House. Daily Work Environment. 

(37) Fire. The imagery of this card depicts a torch—it’s as if you have a light at the end of the tunnel to guide you from dark times. It’s also the second to last card in the Mars series, so it’s at the end of a more difficult energy. We’re about to move into a much more fun and positive energy of Jupiter. This card gives you the motivation to get up and do something, to prepare for confrontation that will enable you to move forward and achieve your end goal. 


10th House. Profession, Career, and Achievement. 

(36) Talks. This card indicates that intense discussions are going to take place. This card could represent upcoming interviews for those seeking a job. It denotes options or strategies that are being presented and will need to be evaluated in a committee. 

Activated House Energy: Finally, you want to look at the dominant energy of the activated houses to tie in the interpretation. This is especially true since you only have three cards. Here we have Mars ruling two of the cards and Saturn ruling one. We discussed earlier that Mars energy indicates struggle and a need to regroup and devise a battle plan. This energy provides you with the commitment and determination to persevere through whatever problems you are encountering and fight for what you want. The key or caution of course is to not burn out midway through and to pace yourself to the balance. Luckily there is one Saturn card in an activated house and four other Saturn cards in the entire spread which will help balance this Mars energy and keep it in check.

Another important note is that you have the 2nd and 6th across from each other with the 10th house at the “bending” of this spread. The card that lands in the 10th house is going to be a pivotal card that channels its energy to the card of the 2nd and 6th house. A more advanced technique might be to read the 10th house card with the 2nd and 6th.  

Interpretation: Make sure you watch your resources. You will need to preserve what you can, because you may find yourself lacking the discretionary funds that you used to have to spend on entertainment, savings or investment. You’ll likely face stiff competition in the unemployment pool. You may put in twenty to thirty resumes and not receive a phone call. You’ll feel blocked and as if you hit a wall. Don’t become discouraged, take a step back and regroup. Don’t flood the market with your resume. Make sure you take direct and calculated moves. Polish your resume, look for a nonprofit group who helps people make their resume standout. Make sure you attend events that allow you to network with others. Nonprofits can help you do this, but so can professional meetup groups. You might also consider reaching out to an employment coach or recruiter to help expedite your efforts. Once you get your foot into the door, you’ll surely stand out and be recognized for your talent. The key to getting access to interviews and into the position of being able to negotiate a job offer is finding support. This guiding light, such as a non-profit who helps people brush up their resume and interview skills will be a tremendous support tool for you. 

Feedback: The client shared that they were already on the road to applying for unemployment so that they wouldn’t have to tap into savings immediately. They were also taking proactive steps to slim down on resources. He shared that he had never considered attending a professionals meetup group but would definitely look into it. 

Timing: The heart of the question—we’ve helped the reaffirm the client of where they’re at and where they’re going. This perspective of the current situation is great, and it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If they can garner the motivation to get their name out there they’ll be recognized for their achievements. However, how long will this take, when will he get a job offer? We know the how but what is the when? 

For timing questions, I look at the dominance of planets ruling the cards in the Activated houses and the entire spread. Interestingly we see that Mars dominates the activated house and shares a dominance of the entire spread with Saturn (5 cards each). 

Given the double dominance of Mars, we’ll focus on him. Now we look to the signs that Mars rules (classically), which is going to be Aries with a time frame of late, March to the end of April and Scorpio with a time frame of late October to November. 

Interpretation: If you’re able to channel your energy into direct and constructive action in locating a job you’re going to be able to find one by the end of April. However, if you take sloppy action by flooding the market with an ill-prepared resume or no support you may find yourself taking a longer time to find a job. Don’t fall into the trap of self-despair. Find support and don’t be afraid to rely on others. If you don’t strategically target your job search you might find yourself unemployed until the end of November.  

Feedback: We’ll see how things go; if I receive feedback on timing I’ll post it in the comments of this blog entry. 

Heart to Ring—The Evolution of Relationships

Happy Vday Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful evening with your loved ones. Let’s take a few moments to talk about relationships-in particular personal relationships. In fact, why don’t we take this a step further and talk about romantic relationships. It’s an important topic for astrologers and cartomancers—because it’s a significant topic to the client a majority of the time. They often want to know will they find love, will they get married, how is their relationship going, etc. 


It’s important to know the nuances of the systems we’re using. If a client asks you about their love life or their relationship—where do you begin with the Lenormand Oracle? Do you begin with the ring because it signifies relationships or do you begin with the heart because it signifies love? Perhaps you ask the client, what type of relationship they’re talking about—prospect, courtship, partnership (marriage or civil union)? It’s important to know that the symbolisms of the cards are very different and present distinct nuances that will add meat to the interpretive value that the cards are giving you. It’s been my observation that many people who adopt this new “Lenormand Lexicon” are shooting straight for the Ring when the client uses the word “relationship” in formulating their question. It’s this lack of fundamental knowledge in the symbolisms of each card that we’re seeing a miss in interpretations. This is also the root cause for the abundance of poorly crafted Lenormand Decks that appear to be popping up every day with imagery that is unilateral offering very little intuitive value within the Oracle. 

Romantic relationships evolve over time. You don’t simply enter into marriage overnight—not even prearranged marriages. Prearranged marriages go through a variety of stages of negotiation and occur over a period of time, and often the couple has known each other throughout childhood. For the purposes of this blog, we’ll stick to the Western view of marriage. For the most part, you begin relationships by courting one another—going on dates, getting to know each other, sharing mutual interests, participating in a variety of activities. After a period of time, this fondness for one another begins to morph into something that is serious—a relationship where you’re ready to make a life long commitment to mutually share in each other’s life. 

This idea of evolution is recognized in Astrological charts where we look at the relationship of the planets and sign in the fifth house where relationships are budding and dating is occurring. Then we look to the seventh house where the romantic relationship has evolved into a marital commitment. Similar to Astrology the Lenormand Oracle has a distinct classification. 

The Heart in essence is about dating. When you look at the Heart you’re talking about sensuality, passion, romance, courtship. Let’s look at some connections with the Heart. On a Grand Tableau—look to the house (Focal point) of the Heart, and determine which card (Expression or Nuance Card) passes through to determine the role of the relationship—what’s the connection:

Garden ~ They are dating or courting

Child ~ This is a new romantic relationship

Whip ~ This is a physical relationship

Dog ~ This relationship evolved from a friendship

Key ~ This relationship has potential to move into a marital agreement

Now that you know the nature of the relationship—which shouldn’t be a huge shock to the client, however it’s a way to confirm you’re on the right track and the energy of the cards is flowing well. Now get to the nitty gritty, the client wants to know how the relationship is. Locate where the Heart is and break it down whether it’s using a 3x3 technique, knighting, or house jumping. 

Once the relationship has gone beyond that of courtship, you’re looking at marriage, domestic partnership, civil unions, or simply common law marriages. Once the couple has entered a contractual agreement to share assets and liabilities (e.g., lease agreement, mortgage, credit card, children) you’re going to want to look at the Ring when asked a question about their relationship.  We talked about connections with the Heart—you can similarly look at the house (Focal Point) of the Ring and look at which card passes (Expression or nuance) through that house to determine the status of the partnership. For example if the Cross passes through the house that could indicate burden or discord in the relationship. I won’t cover connections for this card, because I want to do an abbreviated Grand Tableau analysis for this card before the blog gets too lengthy. If you need to know more about connections, I highly recommend The Secrets of the Lenormand by Sylvie Steinbach

We’ve got a client who is married, and wants to know how her relationship is going. Let’s cast the cards in the French styled Grand Tableau (8x4+4). I am using Maria Marchetti’s reading cloth to help you identify the houses easier (gold orb with a number). The deck I am using is one of my top three favorites—The Golden Lenormand by Marcela Suizmann

This is an abbreviated Grand Tableau analysis. There is a systematic approach that I use—for the purposes of this blog we’re looking at a married woman’s marital relationship. So the techniques I am using will relate to the delineation of this particular question within the scheme of her Grand Tableau. If you’d like to read on how to systematically delineate a Grand Tableau I recommend reading Dennis' virtual class on the Lenormand Oracle Ning Forum. His presentation is very clean, systematic, and easy to follow. 

This is a real spread, I have not rearranged the cards for teaching purposes. There is a reason for this—people don’t know what to do when they’re presented with non-textbook casts. Yes, the signficator card will fall on the last column; yes the key card will show up on the last column. Yes the focal card will appear in the top or bottom row not allowing you a full 3x3 analysis. More often than not these things happen. You can’t simply tell the client, let me reshuffle and recast or ask them to reschedule the consultation. If you have been told that is an acceptable response to these “outliers” (which aren’t outliers because they happen all the time) then I’d suggest you get your tuition back—you’re not learning from someone who reads day in and day out. Learn to work your way through it, and learn what it means. If you tell the client Spirit made a mistake I need to reshuffle or reschedule this at a later date, you’re going to have one disappointed person looking at you and I guarantee you they won’t reschedule or become a returning client. 

Let’s begin! Clients are interested in how her marital relationship is going

We look at the house of the Ring and see that the Whip passes through. Perhaps there is discord in the relationship right now. Note the Man and Woman share this card, so we know the energy between the two is about this discord within the relationship. That or they’re having hot sex, but we need more to confirm this, you can’t tell with two cards. 

Next we look to see where the Ring is located, and we’re going to delineate her relationship using a 3x3 method. Rut roh—not a textbook example, the Ring is at the top, so we have a 2x3 situation. You can read columns and rows, or pick your favorite. I tend to read columns only.

Past Column: Lily  – Tree: These two have been together for a very long time and share a deep-rooted spiritual connection with one another. 

Present Column: Ring  – Dog: These two are very close, one would even say they’re soul mates as emphasized by the Tree  Dog

Future Column: Child  – Key: There are new developments occurring in the relationship. 

What are these developments? Let’s read the diagonals, and perhaps we’ll see what else is going on. Rut roh again, we don’t have four diagonals to look at, just two. Let’s examine what we can glean from just the two. If you can’t get enough there are other techniques, this is why you have to learn a multitude of tools.

Past Diagonal: Ring – Tree – Birds – Crossroads: There have been lifestyle discussions taking place about decisions that need to be made. 

Future Diagonal: Ring – Key – Snake – Man: Significant problems will come about with her partner. 

Interesting, what problems could be popping up in this relationship, what are these decisions that need to be made? We’re going to house jump. 

Problems (Snake passes through the house of 23-Mice) are occurring due to anxiety about (Mice passes through the house of 34-Fish) business matters that impact (Fish passes through the house of 25-Bear) resources, this is causing (Bear passes through the house of 11-Whip) discord to their (Whip passes through the house of 25-Ring) relationship. 

We’ve learned quite a bit already. Her next question was of course, how do we move forward? What do we need to do to improve our financial situation, what were these decisions or paths we discussed earlier—which is another topic.  Hopefully, you learned some Grand Tableau techniques or got a chance to see them in application. However, my big take away is that I hope you were able to detect the difference of evolution between the Heart and the Ring. It’s absolutely critical to know the state of the relationship—are you married or dating to give an appropriate reading. It’s just like asking the name of their partner so you can charge the Man with that name. Some might feel uncomfortable asking these questions as if it’s cold reading. However, it’s not cold reading—you’re simply gaining a clarification so you can be more precise. Do I look at you dating or do I look at your marital commitments to one another. Astrologers will often have an intake form to help them zone in on the question at hand. Cartomancers need to do the same thing—there is no shame. If you get a smart ass that says “you tell me.” Then something tells me they aren’t there for the value of a reading. 

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