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2017 Venus Retrograde — Values with our Given and Chosen Family

2017 Venus Retrograde Overview

Venus retrogrades every seventeen to eighteen months for approximately six weeks. In 2017 Venus will retrograde on March 4, 2017 at 4:10 am Eastern Standard Time. Venus will go direct again on April 15th, 2017. Typically we feel the effects of Venus Retrograde a few weeks before and after the actual retrograde. Don’t feel surprised if you feel the impact of the Venus Retrograde between January 30th and May 18th.  

2017 Venus Retrograde

Astrological Notes

Venus retrogrades 13 Aries 09

Venus Detriment in Aries

Venus occupies 4th House

Mars is in Rulership

Mars 25 Aries 55 in 4th House opposes Retrograde Jupiter 22 Libra 05 in 10th House

Lenormand Astrological Spread

Venus occupying 4th House: Birds – Bear – Sun

Psychic Insight

Venus retrograde is a time for inner reflection rather than direct action. From March until April you should focus on evaluating your personal values, ethics, and personal mission. In particular you want to take the time to define your own values. Have you ever set a personal mission for yourself? Take the time to reflect on a personal mission statement that helps set your own direction. 

During this time of reflection and after you have either set or refined your own values do you want to evaluate your relationship with others. More specifically, this Venus Retrograde you want to focus on the personal relationships that are family or friends that you consider to be family. Ask yourself, how do you see close family and intimate friends shape your values, ethics, and personal mission? Often times our close-knit community helps shape us. This isn’t a time to be individualistic, but a time to see how our values operate on a two way street with those close family members and/or friends who we consider to be family. 

Venus detriment in Aries may cause you to be a bit more aggressive when reflecting on your values. When you evaluate personal relationships that might not necessarily align with your own values, take a step back to reflect. Why are they not aligned? How does this impact your needs? Are there lessons to be learned from one another? Where is the opportunity to align and continue a relationship forward? Avoid being aggressive, respect boundaries, and don’t take any action on determining whether the relationship is worth continuing. March 4, 2017 through April 15th is a time for reflection, meditation, and evaluation. Explore the relationships but respect boundaries. 

Mars in Rulership occupying the 4th house opposes Retrograde Jupiter in Libra occupying the 10th house.  This aspect may have a challenging impact on your ability to keep a clear, cool, calm, and collected mind to evaluate relationships. This particular alignment increases extremists’ tendencies (especially in politics), discontent and resentment. Temperaments may rise high during this period. However, with Venus in retrograde and Jupiter being charged, you may try to release some of the tension through creative expression. Explore hobbies and your creativity during this time to express your thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner. This isn’t the time for direct action, so you’ll need to release any high tempers through safe and creative expressions. 

House 4 Birs-Bear-Sun

Birds-Bear-Sun in the 4th House with Retrograde Venus indicate a need to communicate with those that are close to you and help define who you are. It’s important to have bi-directional communication in which each other can exchange feedback about what each of your values are and how the impact one another. You’ll also want to consider what values your joint-relationship has to one another. This is a great time to examine the relationship with your father or a father figure in your life and what values you two share together. A time of reflection should avoid any overbearing or controlling discussion or energy. It should be open, positive, and bi-directional in nature.


The following is a general analysis of the 2017 Venus retrograde. Each of us was born on different days and times. While this analysis is generalized, you may consider taking it a step deeper and explore a more personalized version of how the 2017 Venus retrograde will impact your Ascendant Sign. Click here for a more personalized version. If you don’t know your ascendant, please feel free to contact me to get your Sun-Moon-Ascendant signs for free. 

The horoscope you receive uses the astrology, lenormand, and belline oracles as the focal point for intuitive perception. This horoscope provides an overview of the Venus Retrograde during the next six weeks. While a great deal of the information contained in this horoscope may seem extremely accurate as the next six weeks progress, please bear in mind that the future takes shape from the choices we make as we live our lives (and the choices those around us are independently making as they live theirs), which will always make the future subject to change to a certain degree. This horoscope is intended for informational or entertainment purposes only; none of the statements in it should be considered to be absolute fact.

Moving Forward with Pages of Shustah

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to increase the amount of Mindfulness I spend each day. One of the exercises that I have been doing to increase Mindfulness is to meditate with this exciting deck that I haven’t had a real chance to play with much. Ann Maser and Cecil North created Pages of Shustah in the 1970s, to learn more about the Pages of Shustah visit Rev. Ken Foor blog for insights, or J. David Arcuri blog for a history on the oracle and example spreads. 

This particular deck can be used for prophecy work, but for right now I am really just focusing on letting the images speak to me each morning to help me reflect and meditate on life in general. These cards speak to me in that manner. I wanted to share a couple of cards that I drew today. 

New Journeys

Pages of Shutah by Ann Maser and Cecil North

(Y13) Angel of Autumn(G8) The Journey(G3) Unicorn

The Story I see: The Angel of Autumn has her body facing towards us as if she is in the present. There is a strong wind picking her hair and wings up. She looks radiant and her head is facing the direction of the wind. Its as if her mind is on the future. The Journey has a mountain that is prevalent (there are several mountainous landscaped cards in this deck), this particular one the road seems to be going up rather than down. I also see that the road is going through the mountain—straight through the middle as if there are no obstacles that can stop the journey. Every issue can be worked through and remedied. The Unicorn looks cautious maybe excited that she has escaped her pen. She seems ready to leap forward to the next page and start its next journey or “Page.” 

There seems to be a common theme in these cards—movement towards the next step, phase, or chapter. The Angel Autumn is in the present, but has an eye to the future page. The Journey isn’t halted by a mountain but trudges forward, and The Unicorn has escaped its pen and looks with eagerness to jump into the next “Page.” 

Manser and North have an accompanying text that goes hand-in-hand with these cards. The Angel of Autumn described this card as a mutable quality (the deck has many astrological association), in that it’s the third section of a project or relationship. Think maturity phase! This Page tends not to be stuck in the present, but is willing to adapt and accept change to move forward to the next project in preparation for that Cardinal type essence. Manser and North describe this card as having a feeling of self-confidence and not egotism. The Journey is described as moving forward into a new area. Meanwhile The Unicorn is a card speaks to alertness and subtle awareness. 

The insight I gain from these cards is that while a project in my life is coming to maturity and closure, it’s not the end of the world. It might be disappointing, but there is a new journey and new opportunities that wait for me. However, I should take care not to leap into anything very sudden. Be aware and take the time to reflect and gradually ease into this new journey. 

What do you see in these cards for you?  

Do these cards speak out to you? Would you like to learn more about this unique deck? Jozefa Seaqueen has a Facebook Group that is geared towards learning more about this jewel. 

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