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Prophecy vs Advice: Business Inquiry Demonstration

One of the most difficult things for a lot of newer Lenormand readers seems to be taking an inquiry and successfully translating or relating the various nuances of the cards in a response that is meaningful and makes sense to the client. Many readers want to take the main keyword and formulate some type of sentence. While this may be helpful for learning, it isn’t terribly helpful for professional reading or even personal reading and tends to result in frustration. 

Let’s take this recent inquiry from a business client. 

What steps should XYZ Corporation take to produce a profit this year? 

Judith Bartschi Lenormand

Clover – Rider – Snake – Bear – Lily

Taking the “Lenormand Grammar” method might produce a statement or interpretation like this:

An opportunity (clover) will come (horseman) from a woman (snake) that produces money (bear) in the winter (lily). 

Read the question and read this interpretation. Ask yourself these two questions…

Was the basis of the question asking for prophecy? No, the client wasn’t asking for reassurance things will turn around…. 

• Was the client asking for advice to resolve a problem? Yes, the client used the actual word steps and is looking for advice. 

pva cutout

It’s important to pay close attention to the question and deliver. Going back to elementary grammar doesn’t always answer the question. 

Here are a couple of keywords or definitions of the cards that pop out to me in relationship to this question.

Snake: Demands a solution, problem that needs to be addressed immediately, yoga profession/flexibility.

Rider: Visitor, feedback, back and forth communication, connection to the outside word

Clover: Opportunities out of the blue, turning things around, manipulation, open-mindedness. 

Bear: Resources, massive, building a reserve for hibernation.

Lily: Contentment, mentoring, accomplishments, experience.

Knowing these basic meanings, whether primary or secondary I crafted an interpretation like this:

The problematic situation your business is in requires immediate attention. (The snake is the focus card, it’s why the client has come here and is an immediate need. We’re validating we’re on the right track and our state of mind/question was in place during shuffle and draw) The steps or solution to resolving this problematic situation will require robust action. (Drawing upon the flexibility or yoga aspect of the snake) You should consider bringing in an outside consultant. (Drawing upon the fact that the horseman is an outside party who brings information of value to the message bearer. Also drawing upon the mentor or experienced person from the Lily) This consultant you hire should be experienced, one who can think outside the box. (Lily brings about experience, meanwhile the clover sheds light on someone who isn’t conventional, open-minded, and can turn things around) Some of the steps or action plans presented to you by this consultant may seem unconventional but you are advised to keep an open-mind about these solutions. (Clover aspect) Another action step to consider is storing or keeping a reserve of cash, especially any cash that may be come unexpectedly. (Clover can bring about unexpected income, which is prophecy, but the action step or advice is to store or reserve the cash as dictated by the Bear who stores resources to hibernate) In summary, your action steps to help turn your business around by the end of the year is to hire an experienced outside consultant who can bring out of the box solutions. Keep an open mind about these solutions, and bear in mind that it may take awhile for these solutions to come to fruition so consider reserving a cash reserve for operational needs. If you come across unexpected or unearned income such as rebates, tax returns, etc… consider putting that into a savings account rather than spending. 

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