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The Ram Charging into the New Year

We’re approaching the end of December! I hope everyone has enjoyed his or her month; we’ve still got a few days left. I hope you all enjoy it and take care of any unresolved business that you need to before we enter 2015.  Last month, I premiered my Monthly Horoscopes and gave you all an opportunity to vote for a Sun Sign that you’d like me to analyze. It looks like Aries came out as the winner—the competiveness of any Aries will be extremely proud, hey!? 

Everyone seems to be familiar with horoscopes. They are in almost every newspaper publication, and often found in popular magazines. However, when you read a horoscope, you might wonder why it doesn’t always connect? Well the reason is because it’s a Sun sign horoscope, and the sign in which your Sun transits at the time of birth is only a portion of your astral makeup. There are ten primary astral bodies and four angles or points that make up your primary natal chart. 

The planets are constantly moving, and thus it would be impossible to write a horoscope that appealed to the masses and always hit home. Everyone’s natal chart is going to be different based on the time, date, and even location of birth. When reading mass produced horoscopes, it’s often best to read the Signs of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Everyone normally knows his or her Sun sign, if you aren’t familiar with your Moon or Ascendant, feel free to contact me and I will let you know. 

Rather than discussing last month’s Aries horoscope, let’s go ahead and look toward January. Yes, for you Rams, you get a preview of next month’s horoscope before I post them online! Aren’t you lucky? 

The first step to writing my horoscopes is to print out a blank worksheet for each of the signs. The Sun sign will act as the first cusp of the first house. Thus I will have twelve different combinations. An Aries in January will focus on the themes or domains that rule the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth houses. Meanwhile an Aquarian will focus on the themes or domains that rule the first, second, and twelfth houses. Thus, each Sun sign has their own area of focus this month—we’re all individuals and won’t be focusing on the same thing. That’s what makes us unique. 

The next step is to whip out an Ephemeris and take a look at where the planets are for the month. In regards to a horoscope, I only look at where the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are at in the chart. The Moon moves fairly quickly through the signs. The Moon will spend on average 2 to 2 ½ days in each sign. This is where I introduce the Lenormand Oracle later on in the analysis. On my template, I’ll note the positions of the planets as they move throughout the signs during the month. Once I have done that I will then begin scribbling my chicken scratch on what each planet in the signs mean to me in the context of the house that they are transiting. 

Sun in Capricorn (1-20). Capricorn is cardinal-earth, thus it likes to initiate projects that have a practical outcome. These are projects that are going to make sense, and will have a tangible impact. The Sun in Capricorn isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to accomplish his goals. However, the attitude of an Aries is to charge in without a plan, and with the Cardinal aspect of Capricorn he might fall into this pitfall. Thus, its important for them to take a step back and carefully plan for success. 

 Io Midnight Ephemeris

Sun in Aquarius (21-31). The Sun in Aquarius will struggle working with groups, because they want to form their own identity and make a name for themselves. They are subject to ego struggles. It’s important for them to realize that to get ahead in the world, you have to work with others. 

Mercury in Capricorn (1-4). Mercury in Capricorn will be slow moving. It’s going to think twice before he opens his mouth. This will be emphasized later in the month when Mercury goes into retrograde. When Mercury says something under the influence of Capricorn, it’s most likely going to be something important, and well thought out. This is a good time to channel their energy into making projects matter. Given the time of year we can extrapolate this as the need for them to meticiulously plan a New Year’s resolution.

Mercury in Aquarius (5-21 | Retro 22). Mercury in Aquarius is in a perfect spot to do excellent group exercises. This will definitely help when the Sun enters Aquarius. Mercury feels freer to express a broad range of ideas. However, this could get Mercury in trouble. It’s important the Mercury channels the Aries energy of the individual to be direct and draw down the ideas into one that will have a major and long lasting impact. Given it’s the month to make New Year’s Resolutions, our client will likely have a list of things they want to accomplish this year. However, if they want to make a long lasting impact—they need to channel their energy into one Resolution. Preferably one that will have a long lasting lifestyle change that will positive in their life.

Write Up

Venus in Capricorn (1-3). This isn’t a long lasting impact, rather we’re seeing the residual energy from December. Venus in Capricorn tends to have an attachment to material things and may be keeping a scoreboard of its possessions and the possessions of others around them. 

Venus in Aquarius (4-27). Aquarius is an Air sign, when you see Air sign think of bubbles! Socialite and relatable to others. Venus enjoys interacting with others, we see this as an excellent time to relate to a group and share ideas on a wide range topics. This is an excellent time to build up a support network that will help you achieve success in your New Year’s resolution. 

Venus in Pisces (28-31). Venus is exalted in Pisces and gets to set the agenda. In Pisces, she is going to dissolve boundaries and illusions. Thus, it’s an excellent time period to let go of any outdated structures and conventions. Perhaps there is something you have been wanting to change at work, in a club, or activity you’re involved with. Maybe you need to formulate a group New Year’s Resolution to go with your individual New Year’s Resolution. We also see the beginning of a reflective time to embrace those around you that you love and to connect with a higher power.  


Mars in Aquarius (1-12). Mars is a go-getter, very direct and powerful. In Aquarius he may struggle in groups, but if he can rally behind an idea and champion it, he will succeed. This is just what we need to balance out Mercury’s racing ideas. With the help of Aries, they will be able to bring the hundreds of competing ideas into one powerful concept and push it into action. 

Mars in Pisces (13-31). Mars in Pisces has a tendency to overstep its bounds and perhaps step on toes. It’s important for Mars to reign itself in, and respect the needs of others. Being in the twelfth house, it’s an excellent time to reflect on its accomplishments and develop a plan for what he needs to accomplish over the next zodiac cycle. 

The next step is to cast the Lenormand Oracle cards. Colette Silvestre in Le Petit Lenormand published in 1992 introduced this technique. In her presentation, she casts one Lenormand card for each house of the zodiac wheel to read for a client. I modified this technique by casting three cards for each house and developing a storyline for my horoscope. 

Combining all these transits, we see an underlying theme of articulating projects. Given this time of year, we can associate these projects to New Year’s Resolutions. We also see a theme of working with a group. Perhaps, the perfect New Year’s Resolution for an Aries this year is one that involves the support of a group. Power in numbers to motivate each other and keep one another on target. Perhaps, the Ram needs to develop a group New Year’s Resolution that all its participants can partake in. Finally, we see an emerging theme of spirituality as Venus and Aries transit Pisces, and Jupiter in Retrograde (time of inner reflection). As we discover below we see spirituality pop out of the Lenormand in the twelfth house highlighting this spiritual theme. It will likely grow stronger and be a more dominant theme in February. 

The deck of cards displayed is The Antiquarian Lenormand by Maree Bento. When I work my horoscopes, the cards are of course facing up. However, for the blog posting, I have flipped the non-relevant cards downward, so that only the relevant cards facing upward. 

Step one is to lay six cards across, and then six cards above. Next we will repeat by laying six cards below, and six more cards above. Finally, we will lay six cards below, and six cards above. Thus we have three cards for each of the first six houses (1-6 | Left to Right), and three cards for the last six houses (7-12 | Right to left).  

The second step is to only look at the cards in the houses in which the planets are transiting. In the case of Aries, we have the planets transiting the 10th, 11th, and 12th houses. Thus we will look at the story those cards tell within the context of those houses. You can also look to see which house the Moon is in, and see which sign and flavor that may bring to the horoscope. 

Tenth House. Crossroad – Ship – Sun: The tenth house is about reputation and career. Expressed in this context the crossroads represents multiple choices, decisions, or even New Year’s Resolutions. The ship represents transitions, thus it’s prime time to formulate a New Year’s Resolution that will change your life for the long haul. The ship takes time to travel, and this New Year’s Resolution won’t be one that is achieved in a few months, it will likely take the course of the Year, we see the Sun pop up, which takes a year to return to natal position. In terms of Lenormand symbolism the Sun represents success by willpower. It will take the conscious effort of the Aries person to achieve success in their New Year’s Resolution or choice (i.e., crossroads). 


Eleventh House. Anchor – Book – Scythe: The eleventh house is about groups, clubs, and organizations. This month it’s important for the Aries person to take a look at the long lasting (Anchor) structure and conventions of a group or organization their part of. They’ll need to analyze (book) and consider making a calculated decision (Scythe) to change things up. This is what I love about the Lenormand; this story confirms the Astrological transits we described above with Mercury and Venus transiting Aquarius in the eleventh house. 

Twelfth House. Heart – Tree – Fox: Here we have the Heart and Tree, which can indicate inner spiritual, matters. The fox can be about discretion or taking it’s time—the fox observes its prey before attacking. Jupiter is in retrograde and taking its time and taking a deep long look at himself. With Venus and Mars transiting Pisces in the last few days of the month of the twelfth house, we see a need to sit back and reflect on spirituality and connect with a higher power. This will likely become a more predominant theme for the Aries folk in February. 

The last step of course, it to put the pieces together into a narrative that can be understood by people. Not everyone is going to want to read a four-page horoscope (especially a mass marketed one). So it’s important to highlight the relevant themes. Look at the time of the year and help them relate to the events surrounding the year (e.g., Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine, Summer Vacation). 

January 2015 Aries Horoscope Preview:

In prior years you may have made a New Year’s resolution and burned out mid-year. This year, and in particular this month you are in a good position to make a New Year’s resolution and follow through with it until you meet your expected goal. You may have many ideas flowing about what changes you want to make this month. Make sure you channel your efforts into formulating a New Year’s resolution that is tangible, achievable, and will have a long lasting life change. Try not to charge into any project or resolution without taking the time to think about the objective and the desired result. Remember to not let your ego get in the way. 

Later in the month you should consider working with a group or organization and develop a broad range of ideas that shake things up a little bit. A group or organization you’re involved with may need to let go of outdated structures and conventions and embrace a new line of thought. You can play a pivotal role in the decision process of placing substantive and long lasting changes that will impact the mission or role of the group. Bear in mind that it takes multiple minds coming together to develop something that is long lasting. Don’t let your ego get in the way, think before you talk, and don’t overstep on peoples toes. 

Finally, you may want to withdraw to a private place where you can reflect on your inner thoughts. Now would be a good time to explore your spirituality and other important matters in life. 

Peeling Back the Petals of Vibrant Cards

Many people seek out advice and validation from card readers. It’s always nice to draw pleasant cards in a reading. However, clients aren’t necessarily paying a card reader to make a generalized statement: “the outcome will be positive. Next question?” 

It’s important that card readers know the nuances to the cards within the Oracle that they study. When you rely one hundred percent on intuition, you begin to fall into the trap of making a generalized statement that fails to provide any value to the reading a client is paying to receive. 

I highly recommend folks to select a good teacher with a proven system and learn all that you can about the nuances within each card. Every good teacher may vary slightly from the next, because their experiences are different from one another. It’s important to get well-rooted fundamental training from someone who resonates well with you. Once you’re at a level that you can successfully articulate and make an intellectual argument about the symbolisms behind a card or a technique then you’re ready to branch out and learn other methods and mix and match to formulate your own system. Somewhere in between you can draw in the intuition to help you deliver a compassionate and well-articulated interpretation to the client. 

Let’s take a look at a few positive cards that might come up in a reading and see how knowing the nuances behind the cards can bring a value added proposition to the client that will empower them to make wise decisions going forward. 

Background & Question: A well established pet storeowner has a boutique in town. This store has been in existence for the last five years and has been doing fairly well. However, they have reached their client peak. The shop owner wants to open a new location 30 miles west of its current location to tap into a new geographical market. The shop owner would like to know if this location would be successful? 

Methodology: Using a No Layout system taught by Sylvie Steinbach in The Secrets of the Lenormand and on her the Ning forum; I will charge the HOUSE card for the business and look at the surrounding cards. I would also charge the Fish card for the business venture itself and do a multi-level reading. However, to keep things simple for the blog and to demonstrate nuances we’re going to focus on one level reading. If you’re wondering why I have chosen the House card to represent the business location opposed to the Tower, which is often commercial real estate. The reason I have chosen the house is because it’s more of small store/boutique front. 

We cast the cards and draw—

PN Three

Stars + Letter + HOUSE + Garden + Positive Card

Yay, I get to give wonderful news to the client. A successful advertising campaign (Letter + Garden) will promote your business (House) and get the word out. This promotion will be very positive and accepted by the public because of your existing reputation (Stars in the past). The business will do very well at the new location. 

Sounds great, but what nuances and advice can you provide the client with, to deliver a value added reading? Does the client really just have to sit back and let the bucks roll in? Let’s substitute the Positive Card with the Sun, Clover, and Bouquet and see what more light we can shed on this reading, so they walk away with constructive advice they can use. Remember the goal of a reader is to send the client away with the tools and perspective to make choices in their life—not to just give them a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Spread One: Stars + Letter + HOUSE + Garden + Sun

PN Sun

The Sun represents willpower. What is willpower? The word sounds like a fancy mystical term. More or less, willpower is a call to action of oneself. You must dig deep inside of yourself and master your own actions to achieve the desired result. Failure to mobilize action will result in failure. 

Therefore you must encourage the client to take action. This new location will require you to actively take part in developing a written advertising campaign to educate the consumers within the geographical region of your reputation, success, and services. If you’re able to actively campaign your business you will attract a healthy clientele to your new business location. 

Spread Two: Stars + Letter + HOUSE + Garden + Clover

PN Template Clover

The Clover represents opportunities and luck. You’re at the right place and at the right time. In classical astrology we would ascribe this to triplicity. It’s a moderately strong essential dignity. The planet or card in this case is in the right place at the right time. In other words, the positive aspect of the card doesn’t draw from strength of itself, but from other cards surrounding it. There is another driving force that is benefiting the Clover and allowing it to bring out its positive aspects. 

With this definition of the Clover one might advise the client to take a look around. In a real reading I would have drawn an extra card to help put the Clover in context, so they know what to look out for. Let’s assume we drew Tower after the Clover. This new location will benefit from a successful marketing campaign that will accentuate your well-established reputation. However, it looks like your location will benefit more from being well placed and visible to the community. Perhaps your new location will benefit from a well-established flagship location in the shopping strip you’re placing your business in. I would advise you to check into the reputation, traffic, and longevity of the flagship business in the shopping center. Their success and visibility will have an impact on the visibility of your own business. 

Spread Three: Stars + Letter + HOUSE + Garden + Bouquet

PN Template Bouquet

The Bouquet represents gifts; aren’t flowers are always pleasing too look at—or are they? It takes work to pair a grouping of flowers to make them aesthetically pleasing. They don’t just happen by chance. What does Nina always say on Project Runway? Take a step back and look at the garment and EDIT. Through this pleasing look, we will see positive vibrations that will make people feel warm and fuzzy. 

Thus, I would advise the client to take a step back and carefully pair their brand with their location. The key to success for your new location will rest with a careful blending of new and old. Make sure you pay attention to branding your organization in this new location. You’ll need to execute a successful marketing campaign that educates consumers with your existing reputation, but you will also need to bring something new to the table. What will help differentiate this new location from your existing location or other competitors? Think about this and blend the old with the new, if you do this successfully your new location will flourish. However, you need to be mindful to not do too much at once. Pace yourself, and edit your marketing efforts so it’s coherent and a successful endeavor. 

Do you see how learning the nuances between the Sun, Clover, and Bouquet have brought more color to the interpretation so the client can walk away with more than “it’s going to go well, don’t sweat it, keep up what you’re doing?” 

Hopefully this was a helpful exercise for everyone! It’s always neat to pull out your deck of cards and randomly draw cards and ask yourself what the differences are between the two. This practice will help build your vocabulary and really differentiate yourself as a card reader. 

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