Discerning Business Significator Cards

The majority of clients that I see tend to bring business-oriented type of questions. Even when I go to psychic fairs, two types of people land in my chair: (1) folks with 8th house issues (end of life, estate settlement, conflict with family due to an end of life matter), and (2) business folks looking for answers. 

Over the last few years I have found the Lenormand to be a great tool in giving perspective to clients. I often use a Grand Tableau for a general business outlook reading. I also will use other smaller questions for more pointed or quick type answers. 

retail key card

The use of significator cards tends to change when evaluating business type questions. Three years ago, I had a client who owned a successful pet boutique in two different locations. We spoke monthly and the primary focus was her business. What type of Lenormand card would you select as a significator for her business? 

Dog – Bouquet – Fish

Let’s take a look at which each of these three cards mean to me in my own practice. 

The Dog represents trust and friendship. These are folks who we can confide in, trust, and love unconditionally (love isn’t always romantic, you know!). This card can also represent our pets and domesticated animals. In my astrological symbolism, I link the Dog with the planet Venus (relationships). 


The Bouquet represents gifts and pleasant surprises. This card can be superficial in nature and is generally a positive card to situations. Astrologically, I link this card to the planet Venus. I also assign the retail industry to this card. In mundane astrology—Venus rules retail (material assets). 


The Fish signifies the essence of an entrepreneur. Most people seem to struggle interpreting the Fish in “personal readings.” I know this blog posting is about business today, but here are some tips for personal readings. Think of the qualities of an entrepreneur and apply them in other inquiries. Independence, self-determination, free will, desire for self-reliance, savvy, jack-of-all-trades, adventurous, and risky. In general this card does represent business and commerce and would be an acceptable significator for business inquires. Astrologically, I connect this card with Saturn and assign it to the fisheries industry. 

Back to the question—which card do I use as a key card for my client with two pet boutiques? I used the Bouquet, because her business is essentially retail—she isn’t selling dogs. She sells high-end pet food, toys, grooming services, and all kinds of other things.  

I wouldn’t use the dog as a key card, because it’s a personality card about traits. Now I might use that card if there was a personal question regarding a lost dog or the health of a dog. However, not for a pet business—because at the end of the day they aren’t selling hugs and kisses they’re selling you retail. The Bouquet represents gifts, and in my world it also represents RETAIL THERAPY, or I mean shopping. Lately it represents my desire to get more steps into my fitness routine as well. LOL 

The Fish would be an acceptable key card, if you didn’t know the industry your client was inquiring about.  I personally have assigned certain industries to certain cards in my own system along with astrological symbolisms because I blend the two together. 

The truth of the matter? It really doesn’t matter what you assign as the significator! Truly…. What does matter is having a clear mind at the time of the draw, a set intent of the question, and your own understanding and intuition of what each symbolism means to you. 

If you’re interested to know more about using the Lenormand in mundane matters (i.e., Current Events and Business) please send me an email and I will let you know when my latest project is ready for publication. You can get a preview here (note it’s a PDF).  

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