GT – Belline Overlay to Time Finding Work

A woman has a husband who lost his job a couple of months ago. She is concerned about when he’ll get a new job. The following spread is a 9x4 Grand Tableau spread using the Golden Lenormand by Marcela Suizmann. 


The first three cards of the spread indicate the overarching theme of the current situation by the man. Ring – Clouds – Tower. There is an uncertainty about his relationship to an organization (in this case of the question—a job). 

What are the external influences or how does this impact those around him? Let’s look at the four corners of the spread. Ring – Coffin – Bouquet – House. This uncertainty in his relationship to an organization is causing him and those around him burden in arranging matters at home. His domestic life is significantly distressed and burdened. 

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What is he feeling internally, what needs to happen within himself? Let’s look at the internal square. Scythe – Key – Stork – Heart. Significant decisions and changes need to be made to bring peace to the matter. He’ll need to evaluate his destiny and what’s important to him before he can make a calculated change/decision and move forward. 


Let’s take a look at him and what’s going on which also involves the signification card of the fox. Ring – Birds – Ship (column 1) Clouds – Man – Fox (column 2) Tower – Snake – Mice (column 3). There have been significant discussions about his move in recent relationship (Column 1). The ship mirrors the Tower in the corner, this move or transition was from work. The middle column indicates that there is much confusion and concern regarding his work. The third column indicates issues with an organization and loss. The snake eats the mice by being on top and these problems can be resolved and tackled with flexibility. 

Briefly notice the client is at the bottom of the spread, which indicates she is burdened by the situation. She is burdened by being the sole resource for the family (Home – Woman – Bear). No wonder she wanted a reading, wants to know when she’ll rise to the top again. 

I am not sure if she has learned anything new. The reading confirms and illustrates he has lost his job so we’re on the right track. Now for the advice of what he needs to do to find a new job. Let’s look at the destiny line (fifth column in a 9x4). Mountain – Scythe – Heart – Garden. Ultimately I see obstacles related to being in the right place at the right time. To overcome these obstacles, I’d recommend that he build his social network. He should consider getting on meet up and joining a few professional organizations to network. Forming these connections will help him overcome the obstacles. 


To answer the question of when he’ll get a new job, I laid the Belline over the Lenormand and looked at the Fox Card. The Rural Health Card under the influence of the Sun which is rules Leo indicates that he'll likely return to work in late July to mid August. This card also indicates a need to recharge his battery before getting back to work. This is a very positive card so it doesn’t sound like he’ll settle for just any job, but will be in a great position that he’ll enjoy. 

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