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Magical Horse before the Cart during a Retrograde? Think Again!

Over the past three months, I have really taken to heart the study of the Pages of Shustah. I have found it to be a very profound and enlightening tool. The deck has a strong astrological influence—so why not blend it with intuitive Astrology? Let’s see how this goes. 

Client has been struggling with her Brother and wants advice on how to repair the relationship. 

First, let’s look at her transits (outer wheel drawn at the time she emailed me) and her natal chart (inner wheel). 

IAPS Sibling Chart Protected

A1. Sibling relationships reside in our third house. We see that Pisces is the ruler of this household. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces so we will look to the transit chart to see how Jupiter is faring in dictating matters with her Brother on March 18, 2017. The condition of Jupiter at 20 degrees gives it a rather weak dignity. We can anticipate mediocre relationship between the client and her brother. Libra is a Cardinal sign so we expect the initiation of action, such as rebooting the relationship. Jupiter is about justice, truth, and fairness—so we can expect these two siblings to evaluate the history of their relationship and any wrongs that have been done to one another. This reflection is especially true during a Venus/Jupiter retrograde (A1a). Perhaps this is a good time to really analyze and reflect on the relationship.  However, I wouldn’t necessarily advise taking any direct action to engage or repair the relationship until after the Venus retrograde in mid-April. Right now, I would simply say she should initiate a focus on reflecting, analyzing, and processing any thoughts and emotions of the past and present. 

Now we’ve looked at the condition of the ruling planet with her Brotherly relationship—let’s look at the only Planet transiting this house, such as the Sun and how it relates to her natal planets. 

A2. Sun conjuncts Natal Jupiter. Wonderful relationship—fabulous time to really take the reflection of her relationship with her brother in. She’ll be able to feel optimistic, hopeful, and have a good attitude or perspective to look at the history and really piece things together. She won’t loose herself in finding justice and truth to how this relationship has fared in the past and where it should go in the future. 

A3. Sun opposes Natal Saturn. Right now she may be feeling down about her relationship with her brother. There is a competing interest here—some bad memories have been drudged up. With the other elements working in the chart (especially the Retrograde) these negative memories have surfaced. This is why she wants to really evaluate what is going on in this relationship and try to resolve it. Her Sun conjunct Natal Jupiter (A2) is really going to help put this in a positive aspect and weaken those Saturian feelings. 

What does the Pages of Shustah have to say for this client?

IAPS Sibling Reading

The Magical Horse – Taurus – Angel of Summer

PS-G12-Magical Horse

The Magical Horse is a green card, which initially represents our desire to grow and develop. She is definitely feeling the need to grow and develop her relationship with her Brother right now. Interestingly, the Magical Horse also tells us that timing is important and that this might not be the most synchronized time. Interestingly—Jupiter and Venus are in retrograde—so action might not yet be the right time to ACT on reaching out or making any changes to her relationship with her brother. However, right now might be the best time to reflect on her relationship with her Brother and develop a sense of where she wants it to go. The Magical Horse in the Pages of Shustah looks like it’s racing around a track and moving at swift speed. Lately, I haven’t been racing around a track—but I have been walking around a track. This circular motion and movement always transports me into a reflective and meditative state. I believe The Magical Horse is an indication for her to move forward in her reflective thoughts on the relationship with her Brother. That Magical Horse does look like its going a lightening speed. She may want to reboot the relationship right now. However, Taurus is following that Horse going to put some slowness and grounding to that reboot to give her time to take advantage of the retrogrades in play in her transits and reflect on this relationship first. 

Venus—an important aspect in her transits right now where it retrogrades, rules Taurus. Time for reflection on relationships and a desire to have peaceful surroundings are indicative of Venus. But we can also see stubborn qualities with Taurus and that Sun opposing natal Saturn might just give her cause to be stubborn and not move forward. Taurus is a very slow and grounding sign and might be slowing down that racing horse to the right. 

PS-B13-Angel of Summer

What a joy to see the Angel of Summer at the end of this spread. Manser and North describe this card as the Card of Success. All of this internal and reflective thinking she has been doing or will prepare to do throughout the Venus retrograde will see full emotional expression. She’ll be able to articulate her feelings fully to her brother and she’ll be supported. This card can be a timing card to denote a Summer time frame as well. 

What’s the bottom line or advice for the client? How are we going to put it altogether? 

The client shouldn’t engage her brother right now. This is an excellent time for the client to reflect on what activities her and her brother enjoyed doing together when their relationship was peaceful. What are some of the qualities she misses about her brother? It’s also a time to reflect on what lead to separation or ill relations. It’s important for the client to remain truthful to her and to maintain her self-respect. Because this is a time of reflection—my advice is to pose some powerful questions that helps her reflect on the past, present, and where she wants to go in the future with her brother. 

After a careful reflection, then it’s time to craft an intent to engage her brother and rekindle that brotherly relationship. The opportune time to do this will be after the Venus retrograde (late April) and maybe even waiting a little longer to dig deep inside and act in the Summer time. 

Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda Spread (with Belline Oracle)

ShouldCouldaWoulda Spread

ShouldaCouldaWoulda…. Say it! Oh how fun is it to say? ShouldCouldaWoulda? I promise this will lighten up any reading with a tense energy. ShouldCouldaWoulda. In all seriousness—have you ever said to yourself?

- Oh I wished I had taken that opportunity?

- What would my life had been if I didn’t pass up that opportunity?

- I’d love to do this—but I just don’t know if I should? 

- What a cool opportunity! But maybe I should hold off right now? Maybe if it’s offered again. 

Notice the first two questions are reflective—and the last two questions are decision making. This is an excellent spread to help you or clients evaluate opportunities for the future or to reflect and bring closure to a prior decision.  

The spread consists of nine cards laid in a triangle format. Let’s examine the model with a real life question. 

Wellness Coach SCW Spread

Question: Client has been selling nutritional supplement products and provides wellness coaching. Client has really enjoyed doing this work—but isn’t sure whether to quit her job and take the practice full-time. 

Shoulda — The foundation or base of the triangle tells us the foundation we have to embark on our next journey. These three cards represent: (1) our internal support (or feelings), (2) our financial supports, and (3) our communal support. Do we have the tools to begin this new opportunity or journey? 

Silver – Water – Intelligence

Mercury seems to dominate the foundation. What this tells us is that there has been a great deal of consideration given to this opportunity. She might be lost in the details and needs help in seeing the bigger picture. I RECKON’ that makes sense—she is here to get clarity and put things into greater perspective. Let’s see if we can help. We’ll start with individual definitions of the cards and then put it together into an interpretation. 


The cornucopia with silver coins outflowing of it brings me back to Thanksgiving. I love having cornucopias around the home—and I love to use them as gift baskets with some yummy muffins inside of it to present to someone I want to show thanks for. This symbol represents happiness, sincerity, generosity, prosperity, and success. Simply think of Thanksgiving. 

A ship moving across water governed by the moon announces a change in daily habitual routines. Unconsciously, things might not necessarily be A-Okay and you’re wanting to make a change in your routine. This card tells us to listen carefully to our intuition but also warns us of fantasies. 

The book represents knowledge with the candles representing each of the planetary energies (in traditional astrology). This card is a positive card telling us things are balanced, well thought out, and there is an analytical capability. 

Interpretation for the Shoulda: She is looking for a change in her life and to break free from her daily job. She has thought long and hard about what to do and has analyzed the pros and cons of quitting her job to pursue her nutritional coaching business full time. She seems to have the intelligence, emotional, and financial support to pursue this opportunity. 

Coulda — The right side of the triangle represents what could have been or what could happen if we take this opportunity. 

Love – Star of the Man – Treason

The two hearts represent love, passion, and joy of life. These hearts are supported by the dove and garland around them. We’re bound to see great passion for all things done and because of such support we’re likely to see this love evolve over time and deepen. 


Star of the Man typically represents the quartet or someone related to the quartet. It can also represent support from outside influences within the reading. 

Notice how the cat has its nails clawed and look at the hair on the back. The hair is standing up—I have seen this on my own cats, usually when a dog enters their domain. This card warns us to be careful in proceeding in all matters. We need to stay alert and vigilant for others around us might be jealous, upset, or attempt to undermine us. 

Interpretation for the Coulda: She could have the potential to enjoy a supportive and thriving business. There will be a lot of positive energy with many loyal customers to her base that will help her thrive as a business. However, this success isn’t without the raising of eyebrows among competitors. She will need to be cautious of those around her who might undermine or cause her harm, such as stealing clients. Building positive and influential relationships will go along way in the long-term success of this business opportunity. 

Woulda — The left side of the triangle represents the lost opportunity.  

Wickedness – Pleasure – Inconsistency

The dagger represents negative forces are abound. However, the lantern gives us warning—so we’ll know what negative forces are in front of us that will need to be tackled or addressed. This card interestingly pops up and supports the cat. This card warns us of jealous players in our life. 


Who doesn’t like music? It brings us pleasure and elevates us to an entirely new level. This card heightens our communication with yourself and those around us. We’re able to strike a coordinated and harmonious vibration. 

The wind being blown brings uncertainty and warning to take shelter and ground yourself in a sturdy structure. Perhaps decisions should be postponed until a better time when things become clearer? 

Interpretation for the Woulda: The lost opportunity here tends to reinforce what could have been. The Wickedness and Inconsistency support the Cat in that there will definitely be competitors who will do everything to undermine and blow her business apart. If she does not pursue this opportunity she will avoid those negative people and alleviate such stress to her model. However, she will also miss out on pleasures and the ability to communicate with people and connect with them. She will miss the opportunity to help them evolve and become better advocates for nutritional wellness. 

Belline Line

My advice to this client would be that she has the foundational support items to branch off into her own business. She has the drive, passion, and ability to communicate with her clientele in helping them to achieve their objectives and goals. She’ll be extremely successful in being a nutritional coach and selling supplements. However, this will draw attention and attract rather nasty people who will want to see her fail. So if she isn’t able to deal with jealous, competition, and negative peers then she shouldn’t pursue this opportunity.

Discerning Business Significator Cards

The majority of clients that I see tend to bring business-oriented type of questions. Even when I go to psychic fairs, two types of people land in my chair: (1) folks with 8th house issues (end of life, estate settlement, conflict with family due to an end of life matter), and (2) business folks looking for answers. 

Over the last few years I have found the Lenormand to be a great tool in giving perspective to clients. I often use a Grand Tableau for a general business outlook reading. I also will use other smaller questions for more pointed or quick type answers. 

retail key card

The use of significator cards tends to change when evaluating business type questions. Three years ago, I had a client who owned a successful pet boutique in two different locations. We spoke monthly and the primary focus was her business. What type of Lenormand card would you select as a significator for her business? 

Dog – Bouquet – Fish

Let’s take a look at which each of these three cards mean to me in my own practice. 

The Dog represents trust and friendship. These are folks who we can confide in, trust, and love unconditionally (love isn’t always romantic, you know!). This card can also represent our pets and domesticated animals. In my astrological symbolism, I link the Dog with the planet Venus (relationships). 


The Bouquet represents gifts and pleasant surprises. This card can be superficial in nature and is generally a positive card to situations. Astrologically, I link this card to the planet Venus. I also assign the retail industry to this card. In mundane astrology—Venus rules retail (material assets). 


The Fish signifies the essence of an entrepreneur. Most people seem to struggle interpreting the Fish in “personal readings.” I know this blog posting is about business today, but here are some tips for personal readings. Think of the qualities of an entrepreneur and apply them in other inquiries. Independence, self-determination, free will, desire for self-reliance, savvy, jack-of-all-trades, adventurous, and risky. In general this card does represent business and commerce and would be an acceptable significator for business inquires. Astrologically, I connect this card with Saturn and assign it to the fisheries industry. 

Back to the question—which card do I use as a key card for my client with two pet boutiques? I used the Bouquet, because her business is essentially retail—she isn’t selling dogs. She sells high-end pet food, toys, grooming services, and all kinds of other things.  

I wouldn’t use the dog as a key card, because it’s a personality card about traits. Now I might use that card if there was a personal question regarding a lost dog or the health of a dog. However, not for a pet business—because at the end of the day they aren’t selling hugs and kisses they’re selling you retail. The Bouquet represents gifts, and in my world it also represents RETAIL THERAPY, or I mean shopping. Lately it represents my desire to get more steps into my fitness routine as well. LOL 

The Fish would be an acceptable key card, if you didn’t know the industry your client was inquiring about.  I personally have assigned certain industries to certain cards in my own system along with astrological symbolisms because I blend the two together. 

The truth of the matter? It really doesn’t matter what you assign as the significator! Truly…. What does matter is having a clear mind at the time of the draw, a set intent of the question, and your own understanding and intuition of what each symbolism means to you. 

If you’re interested to know more about using the Lenormand in mundane matters (i.e., Current Events and Business) please send me an email and I will let you know when my latest project is ready for publication. You can get a preview here (note it’s a PDF).  

2017 Venus Retrograde — Values with our Given and Chosen Family

2017 Venus Retrograde Overview

Venus retrogrades every seventeen to eighteen months for approximately six weeks. In 2017 Venus will retrograde on March 4, 2017 at 4:10 am Eastern Standard Time. Venus will go direct again on April 15th, 2017. Typically we feel the effects of Venus Retrograde a few weeks before and after the actual retrograde. Don’t feel surprised if you feel the impact of the Venus Retrograde between January 30th and May 18th.  

2017 Venus Retrograde

Astrological Notes

Venus retrogrades 13 Aries 09

Venus Detriment in Aries

Venus occupies 4th House

Mars is in Rulership

Mars 25 Aries 55 in 4th House opposes Retrograde Jupiter 22 Libra 05 in 10th House

Lenormand Astrological Spread

Venus occupying 4th House: Birds – Bear – Sun

Psychic Insight

Venus retrograde is a time for inner reflection rather than direct action. From March until April you should focus on evaluating your personal values, ethics, and personal mission. In particular you want to take the time to define your own values. Have you ever set a personal mission for yourself? Take the time to reflect on a personal mission statement that helps set your own direction. 

During this time of reflection and after you have either set or refined your own values do you want to evaluate your relationship with others. More specifically, this Venus Retrograde you want to focus on the personal relationships that are family or friends that you consider to be family. Ask yourself, how do you see close family and intimate friends shape your values, ethics, and personal mission? Often times our close-knit community helps shape us. This isn’t a time to be individualistic, but a time to see how our values operate on a two way street with those close family members and/or friends who we consider to be family. 

Venus detriment in Aries may cause you to be a bit more aggressive when reflecting on your values. When you evaluate personal relationships that might not necessarily align with your own values, take a step back to reflect. Why are they not aligned? How does this impact your needs? Are there lessons to be learned from one another? Where is the opportunity to align and continue a relationship forward? Avoid being aggressive, respect boundaries, and don’t take any action on determining whether the relationship is worth continuing. March 4, 2017 through April 15th is a time for reflection, meditation, and evaluation. Explore the relationships but respect boundaries. 

Mars in Rulership occupying the 4th house opposes Retrograde Jupiter in Libra occupying the 10th house.  This aspect may have a challenging impact on your ability to keep a clear, cool, calm, and collected mind to evaluate relationships. This particular alignment increases extremists’ tendencies (especially in politics), discontent and resentment. Temperaments may rise high during this period. However, with Venus in retrograde and Jupiter being charged, you may try to release some of the tension through creative expression. Explore hobbies and your creativity during this time to express your thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner. This isn’t the time for direct action, so you’ll need to release any high tempers through safe and creative expressions. 

House 4 Birs-Bear-Sun

Birds-Bear-Sun in the 4th House with Retrograde Venus indicate a need to communicate with those that are close to you and help define who you are. It’s important to have bi-directional communication in which each other can exchange feedback about what each of your values are and how the impact one another. You’ll also want to consider what values your joint-relationship has to one another. This is a great time to examine the relationship with your father or a father figure in your life and what values you two share together. A time of reflection should avoid any overbearing or controlling discussion or energy. It should be open, positive, and bi-directional in nature.


The following is a general analysis of the 2017 Venus retrograde. Each of us was born on different days and times. While this analysis is generalized, you may consider taking it a step deeper and explore a more personalized version of how the 2017 Venus retrograde will impact your Ascendant Sign. Click here for a more personalized version. If you don’t know your ascendant, please feel free to contact me to get your Sun-Moon-Ascendant signs for free. 

The horoscope you receive uses the astrology, lenormand, and belline oracles as the focal point for intuitive perception. This horoscope provides an overview of the Venus Retrograde during the next six weeks. While a great deal of the information contained in this horoscope may seem extremely accurate as the next six weeks progress, please bear in mind that the future takes shape from the choices we make as we live our lives (and the choices those around us are independently making as they live theirs), which will always make the future subject to change to a certain degree. This horoscope is intended for informational or entertainment purposes only; none of the statements in it should be considered to be absolute fact.

Moving Forward with Pages of Shustah

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to increase the amount of Mindfulness I spend each day. One of the exercises that I have been doing to increase Mindfulness is to meditate with this exciting deck that I haven’t had a real chance to play with much. Ann Maser and Cecil North created Pages of Shustah in the 1970s, to learn more about the Pages of Shustah visit Rev. Ken Foor blog for insights, or J. David Arcuri blog for a history on the oracle and example spreads. 

This particular deck can be used for prophecy work, but for right now I am really just focusing on letting the images speak to me each morning to help me reflect and meditate on life in general. These cards speak to me in that manner. I wanted to share a couple of cards that I drew today. 

New Journeys

Pages of Shutah by Ann Maser and Cecil North

(Y13) Angel of Autumn(G8) The Journey(G3) Unicorn

The Story I see: The Angel of Autumn has her body facing towards us as if she is in the present. There is a strong wind picking her hair and wings up. She looks radiant and her head is facing the direction of the wind. Its as if her mind is on the future. The Journey has a mountain that is prevalent (there are several mountainous landscaped cards in this deck), this particular one the road seems to be going up rather than down. I also see that the road is going through the mountain—straight through the middle as if there are no obstacles that can stop the journey. Every issue can be worked through and remedied. The Unicorn looks cautious maybe excited that she has escaped her pen. She seems ready to leap forward to the next page and start its next journey or “Page.” 

There seems to be a common theme in these cards—movement towards the next step, phase, or chapter. The Angel Autumn is in the present, but has an eye to the future page. The Journey isn’t halted by a mountain but trudges forward, and The Unicorn has escaped its pen and looks with eagerness to jump into the next “Page.” 

Manser and North have an accompanying text that goes hand-in-hand with these cards. The Angel of Autumn described this card as a mutable quality (the deck has many astrological association), in that it’s the third section of a project or relationship. Think maturity phase! This Page tends not to be stuck in the present, but is willing to adapt and accept change to move forward to the next project in preparation for that Cardinal type essence. Manser and North describe this card as having a feeling of self-confidence and not egotism. The Journey is described as moving forward into a new area. Meanwhile The Unicorn is a card speaks to alertness and subtle awareness. 

The insight I gain from these cards is that while a project in my life is coming to maturity and closure, it’s not the end of the world. It might be disappointing, but there is a new journey and new opportunities that wait for me. However, I should take care not to leap into anything very sudden. Be aware and take the time to reflect and gradually ease into this new journey. 

What do you see in these cards for you?  

Do these cards speak out to you? Would you like to learn more about this unique deck? Jozefa Seaqueen has a Facebook Group that is geared towards learning more about this jewel. 

Trump Nomination Conclusion

Hi Everyone,

I apologize that I have not been able to complete the Donald Trump Candidacy blog series. I have been so extremely busy with work that I wasn’t able to fully commit to finishing the spread/interpretation before time was up. As we all know he was elected President of The United States. 

However, I think with the several blog postings, you can get how the technique works. You can also see that it’s a very in-depth and involved technique rich with details. I would have predicted his chances at winning in the tenth house, which was very favorable for him.

Perhaps we’ll pick up this technique again in January when his presidency takes place. I’ll watch for the timing so we can get an accurate rising sign and go from there. I’ll have four years to complete a 12 part blog series instead of 3 months. LOL Hopefully life clams down a little bit before then. 

In the meantime, there is something I’ve wanted to look at, and I hope to share my observations with you soon. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! 

Trump Nomination Acceptance - Horoscope Tableau (Part 4 of 12)

The fourth part of this blog series will look at the second quadrant of the astrological wheel and the fourth house. Just a few notes… I use classical planets and meanings when it comes to astrology. The cards I’ve used for this blog posting is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall and Heather Strahan

The Second Quadrant relates to an awareness of others in their immediate environment. In the context of what we’re looking what is the relationship Trump will have with his base? What does his base look like and how do they interact with one another? Coincidentally, the quadrants the way I lay them out with the Lenormand can be look at in a 3x3 spread. 

An intuitive sense from a general looksee of the 3x3 it would seem that Trump has a superficial relationship that has been built off mostly dumb luck or name recognition (Clover & Bouquet). I do see that economy and commerce tend to be key issues for his base (Fish & Ship). 

Column 1 (Past/Heart-Letter-Clover). Trump has had a relationship with his core base previously. This relationship was cultivated with mostly short exchanges that took place in traditional forms of media or written form. Such as exchanges or stories in newspapers, letters, tabloids, etc. His relationship has been often lucky and out of nowhere, almost by dumb luck. (I am a little shocked; I didn’t see Stars here instead of Letter given the Apprentice. But I do know he was well covered in newspaper media, but I see that more in NY rather than nationwide…)


Column 2 (Present/Rider-Woman-Ring). Trump is traveling and having close and intimate conversations with different types of people. It seems like he is making promises and agreements with people in an effort to form a relationship with them.  

Column 3 (Future/Fish-Ship-Bouquet). Trump’s campaign will form relationships with people based on business and an economic platform. Trump will have to travel far and long to establish any type of relationship. Unfortunately, I don’t see these as strong, anchored, long lasting relationships. Rather, I see these relationships being a bit fickle, by chance, and like flowers, a relationship that slowly wilts or a relationship that is superficial. 

The second quadrant has given us a sense that Trump has established relationships from his past based on manipulation (Clover) and coverage in written forms of media such as newspapers, tabloids, and blogs (Letter). Trump will need to travel much (Rider and Ship) over the course of the campaign to form relationships with voters (Woman). Trump will need to make promises (Ring) that speak to economics, commerce, and small business (Fish and Ship). Trump will need to be careful, because the relationships he forms may be superficial and slowly wilt (Clover and Bouquet) without consistent courting. 

The next step to this examination involves looking at the Astrological houses. We’ll blend the energies of the signs when we read the Lenormand cards in the context of the astrological house. Because we know the time of this event (7/21/16, 10:19 pm) and geographical location (Cleveland, Ohio) we can ascertain the rising sign (Pisces) and count four houses over to see that Gemini rules the fourth house. 

The Fourth House represents roots and hidden treasures, in the context of our examination—we’re looking at the root and core of Trumps support. Those folks who will vote for him no matter what he does or says. 

The fourth house is ruled by Gemini (Mutable-Air). Mutable supporters can be restless, inconsistent, argumentative, and connected. The Air qualities can make them rather opinionated, tactless, impersonal, fickle, yet logical, observant, analytical, and rather persuasive.


Fickle is a great keyword not only for Gemini’s but also for the definition of the Clover. Indeed, the Clover tends to represent luck that can come and go. It can also represent second chances, and lord knows Trump has had many second chances. In the context of the second quadrant, the Clover will likely indicate that his core supporters will be fickle and tactless in their defense of Trump. However, their simple logical and analytical points will be undeniable.  


The Ring represents contractual agreements or promises that are being made. The ring can also symbolize a tight relationship, which seems to contradict the fickle clover. In fact it’s sandwiched between the fickle clover and the superficial bouquet. I think this denotes the challenge of Trump being able to form a long lasting and serious bond between his supporters because the relationship is being squeezed between the flighty clover and the superficial and wilting bouquet. 

The Bouquet as we mentioned above can represent an air of superficiality, keeping things on the surface level and not diving to deep into the relationship. It represents beauty and an attraction to the finer things in life. Perhaps even vicarious living a relationship through the Trump candidacy. 

Blending it all together… 

The core support of Trumps base is going to encounter a struggle in finding truly devoted and die-hard fans that subscribe to his platform. Rather, Trump will find his core base to be filled with supporters who are drawn to his fortune and his grandiose lifestyle. This attraction affords them an opportunity to live vicariously through him. He’ll need to be particularly considered with flighty supporters who come and go. He’ll constantly be making promises and agreements to keep them in tow. It won’t be easy. However, he will find a base that is analytical and well spoken. His challenge will be keeping them engaged. 


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Trump Nomination Acceptance - Horoscope Tableau (Part 3 of 12)

In the third installment of this blog series, we’ll evaluate how Donald Trump will perform and interact in speeches and debates by examining how the Lenormand Cards fall into a Horoscope Tableau. In this individual spread, Taurus rules the third house. Just a few notes… I use classical planets and meanings when it comes to astrology.  The cards I’ve used for this blog posting is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall and Heather Strahan

To review the other pieces of this blog installment, please scroll to the bottom for navigation. 

The Third House involves the way we communicate in our surroundings (among other things), in the context of our examination—we’re looking at how Donald Trump will interact with voters in his speeches and how he’ll interact with his opponent in debates.

The third house is ruled by Taurus (Fixed-Earth). Fixed can represent persistent, dogged, rigid, productive, and obstinate. Earth can bring about qualities that place his speeches in an organized, methodical, practical, and substantive manner. Taurus is a sign that can represent someone who is solid and at times overbearing. Taurus typically isn’t aggressive and quick to anger. They tend to be very slow and methodical. This definitely doesn’t define Trump; however there could be energies that are weakening the Taurus impact. For that we’ll look to see what the Lenormand cards are doing in this energy. 

The Cross is a sign of burden and depression. The Cross can also represent endless crying or whining in some cases. I have also seen this card point to self-victimization. 

Survival and doing anything necessary for survival is the keynote of the Fox. This card can represent someone who is a handworker, resourceful, and often sly. Keen sense of observation and intelligence and will use these attributes to manipulate and take advantage. Often the Fox can represent someone who is street smart rather than book smart. 

The Child gives a sense of playfulness and innocence. The Child can also represent small matters. Adults represented by the Child may have an immature personality or an undeveloped ideology. The Child can also indicate a tendency or difficulty for a commitment towards a goal or decision. 

Blending it all together… 

Donald Trump will communicate in a very rigid way that might appear dogged, self-victimizing, and immature. He will no doubt be hard working and taking his message all across America working to communicate with others. He will attack his opponents in a very immature and sly way. His success in communicating with his constituency will to be to talk to them in a street smart way rather than an intellectual or book smart way. He’ll also need to make sure he can stay on point and be methodical in his communications.  


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Business Trip Demo

Trip-Business Spread

I absolutely love this new Lenormand Deck by Ana Tourian called Clair De Lune Lenormand. I recently used this deck to respond to a question from a client, and thought that this might make a good demonstration. 

Question: How will my upcoming trip go? 

Spread: Five cards with the middle card being focused.  

Method: Shuffled the cards, asked the client to cut the deck. The top card on the cut pile was flipped over and became the focus card (FISH or card 3 in the spread). I shuffled the cards one more time, and then spread them and selected the remaining cards based on energy feeling. 

Bear – Clouds – FISH – Mountain – Dog

Interpretation: The upcoming trip seems to be a business related trip (Fish). Certainly the trip will involve money, resources, and business (Bear and Fish). There seems to be an air of uncertainty, chaos, and some unexpected changes that will require your attention (Clouds). It’s most likely that these changes will be difficult may even seem unmovable. You can expect a lot of push back during your trip (Mountain). However, it looks like there is a friend or maybe a colleague in this case, deifntley someone you trust that is going to come along and help you push past these difficulties (Dog). 

Feedback: Client said he was going on a business trip. This was going to be a startup and the purpose was a financial close. He also indicated that a colleague of his was going to join him two days later. Maybe this is the Dog who will help him get past that sticky mountain? 

Trump Nomination Acceptance - Horoscope Tableau (Part 2 of 12)


In the second installment of this blog, we’ll examine the outcome of Donald Trump accepting the Republican nomination by examining how the Lenormand Cards fall into a Horoscope Tableau. In particular we’re going to review the second astrological house, which in this chart is ruled by Aries. Just a few notes… I use classical planets and meanings when it comes to astrology. The cards I’ve used for this blog posting is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall and Heather Strahan

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The Second House involves our assets, dealings, and means of livelihood, in the context of our examination—we’re looking at how Trump will raise capital, and how he’ll conduct his campaign in terms of dealings, values in the livelihood of how the campaign will be carried out.

The second house is ruled by Aries (Cardinal-Fire). Cardinal can represent independence, enterprising, initiation, and enthusiastic. Fire is one of spontaneity, temperamental, and impulsive. Aries seems to be a sign about raw power and the energy is very short lived. It spikes high and then is falls, it spikes high, and then it falls again. One may describe the assets and fundraising of his campaign to come in short spurts. It won’t be one that is prolonged and ongoing. Trumps would be advised to concentrate his energy in fundraising in two or three very specific events. I would also caution Trump that his campaign assets are most likely to fluctuate and he’ll need to keep a careful eye on spending. Interestingly, I believe he was self-funded in his primary, and Aries is very much independent in nature. This could be a key motivator on a national scale, but as we get into the Lenormand we’ll see this independent, self-funding attitude will cause obstacles. 


Obstacles stand in the way of fundraising as indicated by the Mountain. The Mountain can take time to climb and place that flag on top! Patience is necessary and it’s important to prepare for all the situations that could arise during the climb because there will be numerous fundraising obstacles in his future. 

Birds introduce a need for communication, and this needs to be two ways. A strong media and public relations campaign that finds a way to engage and interact with Trump and his constituency is needed to take place. The birds can represent couples or very small and tight groups as well. 

The light and dark Clouds bring about uncertainty, inconsistency, and mucky outcomes. Changes are to be anticipated, and thus a need for adaptability is needed. 

Blending it all together… 

Donald Trump will have a difficult time raising capital that will adequately fund a competitive campaign. Funds will come to him short bursts and will most likely come from a result of small gatherings that target very specific donors. These donors are likely to be business leaders among his base. Cash needs will be uncertain throughout the campaign and difficult to understand. Frugalness is strongly advised. __________________________________________________________________________________

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