Magical Horse before the Cart during a Retrograde? Think Again!

Over the past three months, I have really taken to heart the study of the Pages of Shustah. I have found it to be a very profound and enlightening tool. The deck has a strong astrological influence—so why not blend it with intuitive Astrology? Let’s see how this goes. 

Client has been struggling with her Brother and wants advice on how to repair the relationship. 

First, let’s look at her transits (outer wheel drawn at the time she emailed me) and her natal chart (inner wheel). 

IAPS Sibling Chart Protected

A1. Sibling relationships reside in our third house. We see that Pisces is the ruler of this household. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces so we will look to the transit chart to see how Jupiter is faring in dictating matters with her Brother on March 18, 2017. The condition of Jupiter at 20 degrees gives it a rather weak dignity. We can anticipate mediocre relationship between the client and her brother. Libra is a Cardinal sign so we expect the initiation of action, such as rebooting the relationship. Jupiter is about justice, truth, and fairness—so we can expect these two siblings to evaluate the history of their relationship and any wrongs that have been done to one another. This reflection is especially true during a Venus/Jupiter retrograde (A1a). Perhaps this is a good time to really analyze and reflect on the relationship.  However, I wouldn’t necessarily advise taking any direct action to engage or repair the relationship until after the Venus retrograde in mid-April. Right now, I would simply say she should initiate a focus on reflecting, analyzing, and processing any thoughts and emotions of the past and present. 

Now we’ve looked at the condition of the ruling planet with her Brotherly relationship—let’s look at the only Planet transiting this house, such as the Sun and how it relates to her natal planets. 

A2. Sun conjuncts Natal Jupiter. Wonderful relationship—fabulous time to really take the reflection of her relationship with her brother in. She’ll be able to feel optimistic, hopeful, and have a good attitude or perspective to look at the history and really piece things together. She won’t loose herself in finding justice and truth to how this relationship has fared in the past and where it should go in the future. 

A3. Sun opposes Natal Saturn. Right now she may be feeling down about her relationship with her brother. There is a competing interest here—some bad memories have been drudged up. With the other elements working in the chart (especially the Retrograde) these negative memories have surfaced. This is why she wants to really evaluate what is going on in this relationship and try to resolve it. Her Sun conjunct Natal Jupiter (A2) is really going to help put this in a positive aspect and weaken those Saturian feelings. 

What does the Pages of Shustah have to say for this client?

IAPS Sibling Reading

The Magical Horse – Taurus – Angel of Summer

PS-G12-Magical Horse

The Magical Horse is a green card, which initially represents our desire to grow and develop. She is definitely feeling the need to grow and develop her relationship with her Brother right now. Interestingly, the Magical Horse also tells us that timing is important and that this might not be the most synchronized time. Interestingly—Jupiter and Venus are in retrograde—so action might not yet be the right time to ACT on reaching out or making any changes to her relationship with her brother. However, right now might be the best time to reflect on her relationship with her Brother and develop a sense of where she wants it to go. The Magical Horse in the Pages of Shustah looks like it’s racing around a track and moving at swift speed. Lately, I haven’t been racing around a track—but I have been walking around a track. This circular motion and movement always transports me into a reflective and meditative state. I believe The Magical Horse is an indication for her to move forward in her reflective thoughts on the relationship with her Brother. That Magical Horse does look like its going a lightening speed. She may want to reboot the relationship right now. However, Taurus is following that Horse going to put some slowness and grounding to that reboot to give her time to take advantage of the retrogrades in play in her transits and reflect on this relationship first. 

Venus—an important aspect in her transits right now where it retrogrades, rules Taurus. Time for reflection on relationships and a desire to have peaceful surroundings are indicative of Venus. But we can also see stubborn qualities with Taurus and that Sun opposing natal Saturn might just give her cause to be stubborn and not move forward. Taurus is a very slow and grounding sign and might be slowing down that racing horse to the right. 

PS-B13-Angel of Summer

What a joy to see the Angel of Summer at the end of this spread. Manser and North describe this card as the Card of Success. All of this internal and reflective thinking she has been doing or will prepare to do throughout the Venus retrograde will see full emotional expression. She’ll be able to articulate her feelings fully to her brother and she’ll be supported. This card can be a timing card to denote a Summer time frame as well. 

What’s the bottom line or advice for the client? How are we going to put it altogether? 

The client shouldn’t engage her brother right now. This is an excellent time for the client to reflect on what activities her and her brother enjoyed doing together when their relationship was peaceful. What are some of the qualities she misses about her brother? It’s also a time to reflect on what lead to separation or ill relations. It’s important for the client to remain truthful to her and to maintain her self-respect. Because this is a time of reflection—my advice is to pose some powerful questions that helps her reflect on the past, present, and where she wants to go in the future with her brother. 

After a careful reflection, then it’s time to craft an intent to engage her brother and rekindle that brotherly relationship. The opportune time to do this will be after the Venus retrograde (late April) and maybe even waiting a little longer to dig deep inside and act in the Summer time. 

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