Measurements in The Lenormand

When I lived in St. Louis, I did a lot of real estate readings and it was always helpful to know the nuances that certain cards brought in terms of measurement. I wanted to share a cheat sheet with my readers. These can be adapted to many situations, not just real estate.

Lenormand Measurements Crop

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples. 

A client has a property in mind and would like to know if they should purchase the home. 


Zaichenko Astrological Lenormand

Snake – Lily – Home – Mice – Clouds 

The home appears to be an older home (Lily) not without it’s problems (Snake & Mice). However, it looks like whatever problems may be present they’ll be short-term (Clouds) and resolvable (Mice). With the Snake appearing in the spread, I would advise the client to ensure that plumbing and water issues are thoroughly checked out. With the Mice card appearing, I would advise that they clear the electrical system. 

A businessman is evaluating several vendors and is leaning towards one. They’d like to know how that relationship would look if they close the deal. 


Zaichenko Astrological Lenormand

Mountain – Fish – Ring – House – Anchor

This business seems to be small scale (Fish-House). Initially it looks like there have been obstacles (Mountain) that needed to be worked out. However, the relationship does look like it has the potential for long-term (Anchor) sustainability. Because the business appears to be smaller in nature (House), I would advise that there is appropriate amount of resources (Fish) to meet your demand, so at to not cause any delays or disruptions in your business (Mountain). 

A female is concerned about a friend of hers and would like to know how she can help. 


Zaichenko Astrological Lenormand

Birds – Coffin – Woman – Moon – Dog 

Your friend seems to be feeling down and depressed (Coffin-Moon). However, this depression is short-term (Coffin) and will pass in due time. You can expect the depression to possibly not last longer than another month (Moon). The best thing that you can do is to be loyal (Dog) and stand with her through the thick and thin. Meanwhile some people like to be left alone when feeling down, she seems to want someone to talk to (Birds), in particular someone that she trusts (Dog). 

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