Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda Spread (with Belline Oracle)

ShouldCouldaWoulda Spread

ShouldaCouldaWoulda…. Say it! Oh how fun is it to say? ShouldCouldaWoulda? I promise this will lighten up any reading with a tense energy. ShouldCouldaWoulda. In all seriousness—have you ever said to yourself?

- Oh I wished I had taken that opportunity?

- What would my life had been if I didn’t pass up that opportunity?

- I’d love to do this—but I just don’t know if I should? 

- What a cool opportunity! But maybe I should hold off right now? Maybe if it’s offered again. 

Notice the first two questions are reflective—and the last two questions are decision making. This is an excellent spread to help you or clients evaluate opportunities for the future or to reflect and bring closure to a prior decision.  

The spread consists of nine cards laid in a triangle format. Let’s examine the model with a real life question. 

Wellness Coach SCW Spread

Question: Client has been selling nutritional supplement products and provides wellness coaching. Client has really enjoyed doing this work—but isn’t sure whether to quit her job and take the practice full-time. 

Shoulda — The foundation or base of the triangle tells us the foundation we have to embark on our next journey. These three cards represent: (1) our internal support (or feelings), (2) our financial supports, and (3) our communal support. Do we have the tools to begin this new opportunity or journey? 

Silver – Water – Intelligence

Mercury seems to dominate the foundation. What this tells us is that there has been a great deal of consideration given to this opportunity. She might be lost in the details and needs help in seeing the bigger picture. I RECKON’ that makes sense—she is here to get clarity and put things into greater perspective. Let’s see if we can help. We’ll start with individual definitions of the cards and then put it together into an interpretation. 


The cornucopia with silver coins outflowing of it brings me back to Thanksgiving. I love having cornucopias around the home—and I love to use them as gift baskets with some yummy muffins inside of it to present to someone I want to show thanks for. This symbol represents happiness, sincerity, generosity, prosperity, and success. Simply think of Thanksgiving. 

A ship moving across water governed by the moon announces a change in daily habitual routines. Unconsciously, things might not necessarily be A-Okay and you’re wanting to make a change in your routine. This card tells us to listen carefully to our intuition but also warns us of fantasies. 

The book represents knowledge with the candles representing each of the planetary energies (in traditional astrology). This card is a positive card telling us things are balanced, well thought out, and there is an analytical capability. 

Interpretation for the Shoulda: She is looking for a change in her life and to break free from her daily job. She has thought long and hard about what to do and has analyzed the pros and cons of quitting her job to pursue her nutritional coaching business full time. She seems to have the intelligence, emotional, and financial support to pursue this opportunity. 

Coulda — The right side of the triangle represents what could have been or what could happen if we take this opportunity. 

Love – Star of the Man – Treason

The two hearts represent love, passion, and joy of life. These hearts are supported by the dove and garland around them. We’re bound to see great passion for all things done and because of such support we’re likely to see this love evolve over time and deepen. 


Star of the Man typically represents the quartet or someone related to the quartet. It can also represent support from outside influences within the reading. 

Notice how the cat has its nails clawed and look at the hair on the back. The hair is standing up—I have seen this on my own cats, usually when a dog enters their domain. This card warns us to be careful in proceeding in all matters. We need to stay alert and vigilant for others around us might be jealous, upset, or attempt to undermine us. 

Interpretation for the Coulda: She could have the potential to enjoy a supportive and thriving business. There will be a lot of positive energy with many loyal customers to her base that will help her thrive as a business. However, this success isn’t without the raising of eyebrows among competitors. She will need to be cautious of those around her who might undermine or cause her harm, such as stealing clients. Building positive and influential relationships will go along way in the long-term success of this business opportunity. 

Woulda — The left side of the triangle represents the lost opportunity.  

Wickedness – Pleasure – Inconsistency

The dagger represents negative forces are abound. However, the lantern gives us warning—so we’ll know what negative forces are in front of us that will need to be tackled or addressed. This card interestingly pops up and supports the cat. This card warns us of jealous players in our life. 


Who doesn’t like music? It brings us pleasure and elevates us to an entirely new level. This card heightens our communication with yourself and those around us. We’re able to strike a coordinated and harmonious vibration. 

The wind being blown brings uncertainty and warning to take shelter and ground yourself in a sturdy structure. Perhaps decisions should be postponed until a better time when things become clearer? 

Interpretation for the Woulda: The lost opportunity here tends to reinforce what could have been. The Wickedness and Inconsistency support the Cat in that there will definitely be competitors who will do everything to undermine and blow her business apart. If she does not pursue this opportunity she will avoid those negative people and alleviate such stress to her model. However, she will also miss out on pleasures and the ability to communicate with people and connect with them. She will miss the opportunity to help them evolve and become better advocates for nutritional wellness. 

Belline Line

My advice to this client would be that she has the foundational support items to branch off into her own business. She has the drive, passion, and ability to communicate with her clientele in helping them to achieve their objectives and goals. She’ll be extremely successful in being a nutritional coach and selling supplements. However, this will draw attention and attract rather nasty people who will want to see her fail. So if she isn’t able to deal with jealous, competition, and negative peers then she shouldn’t pursue this opportunity.

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