Trump Nomination Acceptance - Horoscope Tableau (Part 2 of 12)


In the second installment of this blog, we’ll examine the outcome of Donald Trump accepting the Republican nomination by examining how the Lenormand Cards fall into a Horoscope Tableau. In particular we’re going to review the second astrological house, which in this chart is ruled by Aries. Just a few notes… I use classical planets and meanings when it comes to astrology. The cards I’ve used for this blog posting is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall and Heather Strahan

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The Second House involves our assets, dealings, and means of livelihood, in the context of our examination—we’re looking at how Trump will raise capital, and how he’ll conduct his campaign in terms of dealings, values in the livelihood of how the campaign will be carried out.

The second house is ruled by Aries (Cardinal-Fire). Cardinal can represent independence, enterprising, initiation, and enthusiastic. Fire is one of spontaneity, temperamental, and impulsive. Aries seems to be a sign about raw power and the energy is very short lived. It spikes high and then is falls, it spikes high, and then it falls again. One may describe the assets and fundraising of his campaign to come in short spurts. It won’t be one that is prolonged and ongoing. Trumps would be advised to concentrate his energy in fundraising in two or three very specific events. I would also caution Trump that his campaign assets are most likely to fluctuate and he’ll need to keep a careful eye on spending. Interestingly, I believe he was self-funded in his primary, and Aries is very much independent in nature. This could be a key motivator on a national scale, but as we get into the Lenormand we’ll see this independent, self-funding attitude will cause obstacles. 


Obstacles stand in the way of fundraising as indicated by the Mountain. The Mountain can take time to climb and place that flag on top! Patience is necessary and it’s important to prepare for all the situations that could arise during the climb because there will be numerous fundraising obstacles in his future. 

Birds introduce a need for communication, and this needs to be two ways. A strong media and public relations campaign that finds a way to engage and interact with Trump and his constituency is needed to take place. The birds can represent couples or very small and tight groups as well. 

The light and dark Clouds bring about uncertainty, inconsistency, and mucky outcomes. Changes are to be anticipated, and thus a need for adaptability is needed. 

Blending it all together… 

Donald Trump will have a difficult time raising capital that will adequately fund a competitive campaign. Funds will come to him short bursts and will most likely come from a result of small gatherings that target very specific donors. These donors are likely to be business leaders among his base. Cash needs will be uncertain throughout the campaign and difficult to understand. Frugalness is strongly advised. __________________________________________________________________________________

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