Trump Nomination Acceptance - Horoscope Tableau (Part 4 of 12)

The fourth part of this blog series will look at the second quadrant of the astrological wheel and the fourth house. Just a few notes… I use classical planets and meanings when it comes to astrology. The cards I’ve used for this blog posting is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall and Heather Strahan

The Second Quadrant relates to an awareness of others in their immediate environment. In the context of what we’re looking what is the relationship Trump will have with his base? What does his base look like and how do they interact with one another? Coincidentally, the quadrants the way I lay them out with the Lenormand can be look at in a 3x3 spread. 

An intuitive sense from a general looksee of the 3x3 it would seem that Trump has a superficial relationship that has been built off mostly dumb luck or name recognition (Clover & Bouquet). I do see that economy and commerce tend to be key issues for his base (Fish & Ship). 

Column 1 (Past/Heart-Letter-Clover). Trump has had a relationship with his core base previously. This relationship was cultivated with mostly short exchanges that took place in traditional forms of media or written form. Such as exchanges or stories in newspapers, letters, tabloids, etc. His relationship has been often lucky and out of nowhere, almost by dumb luck. (I am a little shocked; I didn’t see Stars here instead of Letter given the Apprentice. But I do know he was well covered in newspaper media, but I see that more in NY rather than nationwide…)


Column 2 (Present/Rider-Woman-Ring). Trump is traveling and having close and intimate conversations with different types of people. It seems like he is making promises and agreements with people in an effort to form a relationship with them.  

Column 3 (Future/Fish-Ship-Bouquet). Trump’s campaign will form relationships with people based on business and an economic platform. Trump will have to travel far and long to establish any type of relationship. Unfortunately, I don’t see these as strong, anchored, long lasting relationships. Rather, I see these relationships being a bit fickle, by chance, and like flowers, a relationship that slowly wilts or a relationship that is superficial. 

The second quadrant has given us a sense that Trump has established relationships from his past based on manipulation (Clover) and coverage in written forms of media such as newspapers, tabloids, and blogs (Letter). Trump will need to travel much (Rider and Ship) over the course of the campaign to form relationships with voters (Woman). Trump will need to make promises (Ring) that speak to economics, commerce, and small business (Fish and Ship). Trump will need to be careful, because the relationships he forms may be superficial and slowly wilt (Clover and Bouquet) without consistent courting. 

The next step to this examination involves looking at the Astrological houses. We’ll blend the energies of the signs when we read the Lenormand cards in the context of the astrological house. Because we know the time of this event (7/21/16, 10:19 pm) and geographical location (Cleveland, Ohio) we can ascertain the rising sign (Pisces) and count four houses over to see that Gemini rules the fourth house. 

The Fourth House represents roots and hidden treasures, in the context of our examination—we’re looking at the root and core of Trumps support. Those folks who will vote for him no matter what he does or says. 

The fourth house is ruled by Gemini (Mutable-Air). Mutable supporters can be restless, inconsistent, argumentative, and connected. The Air qualities can make them rather opinionated, tactless, impersonal, fickle, yet logical, observant, analytical, and rather persuasive.


Fickle is a great keyword not only for Gemini’s but also for the definition of the Clover. Indeed, the Clover tends to represent luck that can come and go. It can also represent second chances, and lord knows Trump has had many second chances. In the context of the second quadrant, the Clover will likely indicate that his core supporters will be fickle and tactless in their defense of Trump. However, their simple logical and analytical points will be undeniable.  


The Ring represents contractual agreements or promises that are being made. The ring can also symbolize a tight relationship, which seems to contradict the fickle clover. In fact it’s sandwiched between the fickle clover and the superficial bouquet. I think this denotes the challenge of Trump being able to form a long lasting and serious bond between his supporters because the relationship is being squeezed between the flighty clover and the superficial and wilting bouquet. 

The Bouquet as we mentioned above can represent an air of superficiality, keeping things on the surface level and not diving to deep into the relationship. It represents beauty and an attraction to the finer things in life. Perhaps even vicarious living a relationship through the Trump candidacy. 

Blending it all together… 

The core support of Trumps base is going to encounter a struggle in finding truly devoted and die-hard fans that subscribe to his platform. Rather, Trump will find his core base to be filled with supporters who are drawn to his fortune and his grandiose lifestyle. This attraction affords them an opportunity to live vicariously through him. He’ll need to be particularly considered with flighty supporters who come and go. He’ll constantly be making promises and agreements to keep them in tow. It won’t be easy. However, he will find a base that is analytical and well spoken. His challenge will be keeping them engaged. 


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