Trump Nomination Acceptance - Horoscope Tableau (Part 1 of 12)

Donald J. Trump has recently accepted the nomination to become the Republican nominee for the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election. Let’s take a look at how his nomination will play out between the time he accepted the nomination and the day of the election. 


We’ll examine the outcome of accepting this nomination by examining how the Lenormand Cards fall into a Horoscope Tableau. Donald J. Trump accepted the nomination on Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 10:19 pm in Cleveland, Ohio. Pisces was the rising sign at the time of his nomination, so when we look at the Lenormand cards in each of the 12 houses we’re going to look at them through the lens of the appropriate sign. Using Whole-Sign houses, Pisces will rule the first house or first three Lenormand cards drawn. Meanwhile, second house will be ruled Aries and influence the fourth, fifth, and sixth Lenormand cards drawn, and so forth. 

The first part of this blog will look at the first quadrant of the astrological wheel and the first house. Over the next few days or blogs we’ll examine the other three quadrants and eleven houses. Just a few notes… I use classical planets and meanings when it comes to astrology. The cards I’ve used for this blog posting is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall and Heather Strahan. Colorful aren’t they!? 

The first quadrant relates to establishing a self-identity and reliance. In the context of what we’re looking at how will the Trump campaign emerge now that it’s official?  What will the initial development stages look like? Coincidentally, the quadrants the way I lay them out with the Lenormand can be looked at in a 3x3 spread. 


Right off the bat, it looks like this campaign will get off to a rocky start. So many negatively influenced cards such as Coffin, Mountain, Cross, Clouds, maybe even the Fox jump out already. Communication is the focus here (Birds centered). 

Column 1 (Past/Scythe-Mountain-Cross). Calculated decisions in the past have created obstacles that are burdensome on the campaign. When the scythe is used in crops, the result is irreversible. The Mountain is also an immovable geographical feature. Cross or burden is a higher intensity of issues and represents more long-term depression (mental and physical) than say the coffin, which is more short-term. Thus we can infer that these decisions made in the campaign are going to have a long lasting impact and won’t be so easily countered or cleaned up. 


Column 2 (Present/Storks-Birds-Fox). Changes are currently being discussed in the way day-to-day campaign decisions are being made for the Presidential nomination. Communication is going to be pivotal for Trump in this Presidential campaign. In particular it won’t be his engagement with voters—but it’s going to be his communication in the day-to-day operations (Fox) that will require special attention. Remember this is the first quadrant or first phase of his campaign, so special attention to day-to-day communications should be take care of during the initial onset of his campaign. 

Column 3 (Future/Coffin-Clouds-Child). His campaign will undergo a significant transformation and transition. Indeed it will transition from primary to national campaign. There will be ups and downs during this transition and many new firsts for him. Knowing this, it’ll be important that Trump surround himself by veterans who will be able to help him navigate the uncertainty. 

The first quadrant has given us a sense that Trump will have initial difficulty (Cross) in establishing and organizing (qualities of leadership which is denoted by the Scythe) his campaign after accepting the Republican presidential nomination. In order for the campaign to become self-reliant and overcome obstacles (Mountain), he will need to focus on the day-to-day (Fox) communication (Birds) operations within his campaign, which will likely result in significant transformation (Coffin) and new (Child) change (Storks) in the way Trump and his team communicates. Trump may also have to test various changes by switching it up from time to time (Clouds) until he finds that perfect communication formula/strategy.

The next step to this examination involves looking at the Astrological houses. We’ll blend the energies of the signs when we read the Lenormand cards in the context of the astrological house. Because we know the time of this event (7/21/16, 10:19 pm) and geographical location (Cleveland, Ohio) we can ascertain the rising sign (Pisces) and set that as the first house. 

The First House represents beginnings, in the context of our examination—we’re looking at the beginning of Trump’s presidential campaign. Classical astrology assigns the first lord of the first house to evaluating whether a good life (or campaign in our context) or bad life is cast upon the subject. The second triplicity discuses virtues, meanwhile the last triplicity discusses the end of life.

The first house is ruled by Pisces (Mutable-Water). Mutable is one of adaptability, which is an evident need from the 3x3 analysis above. Water is one of nurturing, security-minded, introspective, and instinctive—all keywords that are relevant to establishing a strong foundation for the start of a national presidential campaign. The last thing that I’ll say about Piscean energy for the purposes of this examination is that Pisces affords an ability to receive influences from multiple sources, which gives the capacity for well-rounded awareness and an instinctive awareness of how to win or lose. 


Leadership defines the Scythe. This is a sharp tool that requires decisive and definitive decisions that can be made with confidence. A scythe is a precise tool that cuts quickly to the point and leave little room or flexibility for change. 

Mutable qualities of Pisces are well represented in Storks who adapt to changing environments by migrating to adapt to the changing weather patterns. Storks can represent improvements and changes that are beneficial.


Coffin tends to represent transformation—this will fit nicely with watery Pisces. This transitional card indicates an ending with new beginnings. Life or “campaign” transitions are on the horizon. 

Blending it all together… 

New leadership is represented by this event of Trump accepting the Republican presidential nomination. We can anticipate his values to change during the first phase of his national campaign, and this is a natural transition as he grows through this process. These changes and transformation are a direct result of him becoming more self-aware and necessary for him to lay a strong and nurturing foundation for him to stand on in the upcoming weeks and months leading up to the national vote for president. Careful reflection and consideration will be given to all aspects of his campaign and any changes that he will make during the start of his campaign.  __________________________________________________________________________________

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